Do you find that people jump to conclusion about you by the way you dress and talk???

  1. :cursing: :censor: :rant: :mad:
    Ok so yesterday I went out for my cousins Bday and her boyfriend and his friends were there (they are form outta town so I've never met them). So when i first meet them they had this look on their eyes (kinda "lit" up). Of course we are going clubbing so i wore a low cute shirt, jeans and a vest. So as the night goes on I relized these guys are a bit were trying to show off how "well" they've done for them self. One guy kept on grabbing my wrist and trying to read my pulse in the middle of the club (OK!! i get it your in MED) another guy kept on trying to questioned me on my beliefs (OK I GET THAT TOO THAT YOUR IN LAW). THourghout the whole time they never asked me what I did, they came to assumption that i was looking for someone to take care of me (earlier in the night some guy actually asked me that out loud in front of everyone ...he basicaallly said "SO are you looking for a guy to take care of you"...and I answered " Who doesn't but it's not required"). But i guess they only heard the first part. oh and when they asked me what i did...i asked" what do i look like i do for a living" ...and the guy goes "well do you always dress like this??" :cursing: WTF...I was wearing a white wife beater under a vest and jeans........THE (@*$)(#@(#*@()$*.....!!!and they were looking at my ring and was like WOW .......whoes' the lucky guy and he keptpulling on the stone and questioning me.....I was like "its from my MOM" and they had this look like "SUrReeeEEE".....:cursing:

    I was getting soooo CHOKED.......then after when i was fed up and getting ready to leave, someone came up to talk to me that knew what i was school for and ALLL OF SUDDEEN....they are so interested in my point of view.....they looked at me different....talked to me different......and now they are all interested..........during the first part of the night...they treated me like i was so ditzy gold digger, and by the end of the night I was potential wifey material.....

    So what I wanted to ask is...

    Does this happen to you lots...?

    is it me or do people find males to be very pretensious(sp?) and quick to judge?(i usually find men are more quick to judge then women)

    do you ever get sick of people being nice to you only after they find out what you do/who you are/ who you socialize with??

    I am soooo chokeed....ughhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!
  2. nobody has had this happen...?
  3. Yes this definitely happens. Most people I know are girls who don't really do anythign with their lives. Their parents take care of them and then their husbands take care of them. Because I dress nice, have a nice car , jewellery etc etc people assume I am spoiled. But when they find out how serious I am in school going for my CPA etc and I work my ass off and help my bf with his business they definitely look at my differently. What are you going to do? You cant change the way people think. Let them be, I love when all of a sudden they are surprised.
  4. No this doesnt happen to me. I guess I don't come off that way.
  5. Nope, not really. I tend to not make assumptions about other people either cause that's the one thing I hate most: that people assume stuff.
  6. I have a dear friend who dresses way too tacky and not classy at all. Basically she is late 40's with bleach blond damaged hair, still has not learned how to put makeup on (more is good for her) and wears mini skirts with no underwear and tight tops and the more metallic clothing the better. She is a stay at home mom, a Martha Stewart type who cooks for any occassion. The creatativity she brings to any parties is just unreal. Her house is like a decorator home. She is the sweetest person you will ever meet. But people judge her and think she looks like a whore. Other mothers talk about her behind her back, they are not her friends. I have told a few of them off for her. I don't know what school thinks of her but she is no longer called to be class mother for her 4 children. Her husband stopped taking her to work functions years ago and she still is clueless about it all. Her family will not say anything to her but I know some of her children are embarassed by her. I do think she has a bit of a exhibitionist in her but it is something from when she was young so those of us who are her friends just accept her and feel is is totally normal. It's a shame because people do judge before you even open you mouth and they miss what a wonderful person she is.
    Also when my sister dresses down to go shopping, SA do not give her the time of day. She has to dress up for work so on time off she is casual but not messy. The laugh is that she has lots of money to spend and if these SA are working on commission they sure miss out.
  7. Two of the SWEETEST most caring people in my life are ladies who are smart, funny and generous, but people think that they are shallow, vain and dumb because they look so good.

    And I am talking Ivy League educated professional women.

    I am nowhere near their league, either in professional accomplishments or in fashion sense, but I get the same crap at school sometimes, the assumption that I am not serious about grad school because I have a good manicure most of the time and switch my bags to match my outfit.
  8. Unfortunately, that's part of life! Both men and women can be responsible for such bad behavior. If someone wants to judge you like that, then you don't want them as friends anyway. Life is too short to even give these people a second thought! Forget about it an move on to worthwhile friendships!:yes:
  9. if the want to talk about me judge me or just enjoy looking at me well i make sure they are enjoying their view.
    apart from my closest friend,family etc i do not care what others think of me as i am not here to please people i do not know or do not like i am here to please myself. period

  10. :rochard:Rock on!
  11. I kill any preconceived notions some guy might have about me as soon as I open my mouth. Seems I'm too smart for them and they go off to find some one closer to their level. Dad always did say "It's the ones who don't run away that you have to worry about, lass"
    Just remember, you're far too smart for any of those guys!
  12. Sometimes I jump to conclusions about the way people write.

  13. :roflmfao:

    Everyone makes assumptions. It's part of life. The best thing to do is not let it get to you. If you think that's impossible to do, don't worry. It'll happen sooner or later - you'll stop caring what others think.
  14. Me, too!
  15. Age old assumptions , how doe sthe saying go " Dont Assume , because more than likely u will make an ass of your self "