Do you find that French manicures last you longer?

  1. I get a manicure every Saturday morning so usually by Thursday or Friday it's almost shot, but last weekend I got a French and it still looks perfect. I'm considering not even going this week. I remember this happened to me last time I did French as well - I still changed it the following week, but I felt bad because it still looked so perfect!

    I need to remember this for the next time I go on vacation or something. :yes:
  2. I have very short nails I get mani-pedis frequently (when really needed.) I had my short nails painted in a french manicure on a Saturday and it was rubbing off like by Tuesday.
  3. I have short natural nails, and my manicure always seems to chip off in 3 days. Really, the only way to make manicures last is if you have acrylic nails.
  4. French polish seems to not to last as long...lately all I have my nail person use on me is OPI's Got A Date To-Knight!! It is sooo cute...a sheer pink that is from their Princess collection.
  5. I have french manicures on my fingers and toes. I can make it last weeks longer by putting several coats of Miracle Nail from Sallys on my hands. If I do it on the toes, it will last as long as I leave it there:smile:
  6. They last about the same with me. After a week they tend to start chipping even when I do a top coat a couple days later. And I am on a sports team so my hands take a beating a couple nights a week which usually results in a chipped mani :sad:
  7. This happens to me too, plus it's harder to do a touch up.
  8. Ugh its sooo irritating too because french polish looks so cute!
  9. My french never last too long. Maybe 3 or 4 days. It can last longer if you are really anal and put top coat on every night.
  10. my french lasts super long too
  11. my french never lasts.. excepet when i had acrylics.. they last long on my toes but not my hands
  12. It lasts on me, but the corners of my nails get chipped. Sometimes, it can yellow if I get my hands dirty. Even if I wash them a second later. I still :love: french, though.
  13. well my manicures tend to last about 2 weeks...theyd prolly last 3 but i dont like letting my nails grow out for soo long...i think it all depends on the nail polish the manicurist uses and how she does it. my manicurist now(julie) is great and even when i do get french which is rare IT STILL lasts 2 full weeks! I LUV IT!
  14. I do my own and they don't really last. 1 week at most.
    When I get them professionally done, they last for ages when done at Sephora and no longer than my own stuff at others.
  15. I get a french tips inserted into my Gels every two weeks - no chipping, peeling, etc and it always looks great.