Do you find people staring your Lv?

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  1. Today I went to my nearest food mare
  2. Whenever I go grocery shopping
  3. Nope, but there aren't many where I live. I also have the damier ebene which is not as recognizable where I live.
  4. Today I went to my nearest food market and I had my Musette salsa with me, it's not even a big bag but I found several people staring at my bag when I was on the line waiting to pay my croceries.

    Do you have noticed the same thing? I havent really payed anttention to this before, but today I really felt a bit anoyed and somehow exposed if I can say so..
  5. You think they liked it and want it or judging you?
  6. I'm sorry don't know what happened, text wasn't ready when this came out! :sad:
  7. I felt like they were judging me! It just might be just me but those older ladies just stared my little bag and couldnt take eyes off even when I gave them a longer look back...
  8. I do get stares but there's a fine line between staring because you're admiring something and just plain rude! If I'm annoyed then I'll turn on my '*****y Resting Face' that will intimidate pretty much anyone and they'll stop.
  9. All the time. But sometime I think its just in my head.
  10. Yeah and comments I just say thanks
  11. Probably jealous of your good looks and sexy bag ;)
  12. Yeap that fine line!! Today I felt that there wasn't any line at all lol! In my opinion too, it's so rude to just leave there staring at someones property.. It's a different thing to just look but that kind of staring that makes other people uncomfy isn't really nice..

  13. Thank you, I try to think that was the case lol ;) :heart:
  14. not in the market
    but I did spot some horibale fakes there
  15. I recently got a preloved neverfull damier ebene and I have got some people staring. But I really dont care as long they just staring...(and dont shout out horrible things)