Do you find overprice ebay items to be funny?

  1. I find that when overpriced items hit eBay, i laugh. really, just a little 'hmmm-hmph-hmmm', but still. This one really gave me a shock first though.
    eBay: Louis Vuitton Red Hearts Valentines Silk Scarf Heart (item 320082618518 end time Feb-19-07 02:13:53 PST)
    in all honesty, its not $THAT$ cute!

    Like the 30,000$ tote that keeps popping up there too. I mean, seriously. I put them on my eBay 'watch list' just to see if anyone bites. how the heck can sellers even afford the listing fees!
  2. yeah, always cracks me up :p

    what I find far worse though are ridiculous prices for regular items :push:

    right now, there's a mono cles on eBay UK:

    Starting bid: 50 GBP (with a reserve)
    BIN: 250 GBP :wacko:

    retail in the UK is 74 GBP

    what a joker :p
  3. Yes, especially when the BIN is more than retail!

    Or, when the exaggerate the retail in the description. I've seen FAKE mono speedies listed, and the buyer says, "this bags retails for $800!"
  4. You have to remember that if the item is authentic the BIN has to be more than retail as there are ebay & paypal fees so the item is costing the seller almost 10% more. It is when it is cheaper than retail it may be a fake as doesn't make sense to sell to lose money.
  5. I always laugh at this one seller who has been trying for a year to sell a CB pochette for around $1000...I mean seriously!
  6. Is it just me, or does the valentine's scarf make your eyes go a lil bit funny. I don't like the way they've designed it, it makes me think my eyes are going funny or something.