Do you find it weird to see/hear your name?

  1. Is it just me or do you feel the same? :sweatdrop:

    I was on the search for some cute wrapping paper yesterday and went into a store I've never been before. I look around and they literally had a whole wall full of spices with my name on them :wtf: HUH? I never knew that were was a spice company called *Mara*.

    My name is really uncommon here, so it was even weirder to see it all over the place like that.

    I don't know how to put it but I get this strange feeling when I see my name spelled out somewhere or see a movie/read a book with a character that has my name :shrugs: Am I psycho or is that normal? :p
  2. i feel weird when people called my real name, i've been called by my nickname for over 15 years. it felt weird to hear someone called my real one, i don't feel like that person.
  3. I have that feeling when my SO doesn't call me by me nickname
  4. LOL... it made u feel terrible somehow huh? i felt like uh oh, i'm in trouble, or he's going to give me bad news :roflmfao:

  5. ITA! :roflmfao: ... my first thought is always "uhoh, what did I do?"
  6. My name is faith, and even though it's a word, I still feel wierd when I see or hear it. When I was a small girl in Catholic school, whenever I heard them say faith, I would always get embarrassed.
    So you're not the only one!
  7. I feel that way too. Ive only met 4 other Corrinne's ever, its almost awarkward when I see or hear my name that dosnt belong to *me*
  8. Yes, Danica is also uncommon, there are 5 other Danica's I have heard of, two being famous people. One is dating my husband's cousin. I've yet to meet her...but everyone talks about her and its weird to hear my name not being refrred to me.
  9. Jimmy Choo came out with a pair of slingbacks in my name last season - That would have been the ultimate a pair of JC Shoes called after me - I hated them! :roflmfao:
  10. My entire family, plus a lot of my friends, call me by my middle name and always have (Bryant). My SO calls me by my first name and adamantly refuses to ever call me by the middle name, because he thinks it sounds too masculine :rolleyes: I dropped my middle name a while ago (as in, never sign with it, it never appears anywhere other than my driver's license) so it confuses newbie people when I respond to Bryant. But now, since I cut the middle name out, everyone thinks I have two first names, as my last name could easily be my first. I never win, lol
  11. I know what you mean.. my name is very uncommon and I have yet to meet someone else with my same name.. my SO calls me by nicknames or just says "babe" but whenever he says my real name im wierded out
  12. I do. :shame:
  13. Sadly no, because my name is so darned common! When I was young I always wanted to change my name.
  14. exactly .... whenever my boyfriend calls me by my name I go "I'm not Mara, I'm Baby" :wtf:

    I'm glad that spice rack wasn't around while I was still in High School, lol :p
  15. Absolutely! And I have it two-fold with both my first and middle names. Firstly, they're both almost always mispronounced. My first name is "Joelle" - no, that's not "Joel", "Joe-Lee", whatever - it's "Joelle" - like "Michelle, Rochelle" - it's pronounced "Jo-Elle". Secondly, my middle name is "Chiara" - yes, just like Kooba - but it's not "Chee-Ara" - it's correctly prounced "Key - Are - a" it's not "JO-LEE CHEE - ARA" - it's "Jo-Elle Key-Are - A." :yahoo: