Do you find it hard to wear colored LV bags??

  1. This of you that have epi bags in various colors (yellow, red, blue green ,etc) and suhali bags in various colors or any other lines do you find that those bags are hard to match.

    I am used to carying neutral bags (brown mono, black, etc.).

    My multicolore bags I don't think much about because they have so many colors on them that you can wear them with anything.

    But buying a solid color bag such as blue, purple or red? How do you match that.:shrugs:

    Just curious on whether a colored bag would be worth it if i'm always worried about clashing with something.

  2. i match them with mostly white and black clothes, and colored shoes
  3. I don't think I've ever thought about this before :s I know I tend to use the brighter ones during summer and then more muted colors in the winter.
  4. It's not a problem. If you love the bag enough, you'll find ways to wear it. I have a red jasmin. Sometimes, I plan my outfit around the bag. (I know there are other PFers that do the same.) Though, I have to say, I do like pinks and am careful about not wearing the red bag with a pink blouse/sweater (cuz I don't like combining pink and red:yucky:).
  5. match it with a scarf, or shoes or blouse/shirt.

    but i don't buy those colored LVs. i stick with monogram (brown) and black, the ones i know can be paired with anything.
  6. Sometimes I find it easier to match the plain colored bags to my clothes than say the mono or MC especially if my outfit's fairly busy looking already?!
  7. I've seen some ladies with beautiful suhali's in red, purple and blue. Also the purple Ontah bag
    People have been talking about that a lot lately. But what do you wear with a purple bag?

    They look great alone in pics. But i'm wondering are they functional?

    I'd hate to HAVE to wear black everytime I wanted to wear one:shrugs:

    Just wondering :supacool:
  8. I picked Le Fab in blue because I am in jeans 99% of the time. It goes great with denim (at least I think it does!!!:lol:) and I LOVE my mandarin epi speedy for that exact same reason. If I wore suits to work and had to be dress up more every day, I probably would have gone with more neutral colors.
  9. OMG NO!! I never being scared of wearing colors..I guess comes from my culture.
    I love my colored bags, they are a good spice to any outfit, mostly if you like to wear neutrals.
    Red is like the new black these days, you can pair it with so many colorful clothes, I wear my mandarin with earthtone colors like brown, camel, creme etc and blue comes handy when wearing jeans or black clothes.

    Is good to have at lease one colorful bag for those not so colorful outfits.
  10. This is an excellent question, particularly because I recently bought an Epi Saint Jacques PM in Toledo blue, which is a discontinued shade that is very vibrant. I haven't carried it or the matching accessory pieces I spent months tracking down yet because I feel like I need to plan a week's worth of clothing that compliments it and I don't have the energy, lol.
  11. I have a red epi speedy and a toledo blue one on the way. I wear the red with red, brown, off white, and the blue with jeans and a white shirt, or blue, or ivory too. I am really starting to love having colors because it's just different from the norm and I like that.
  12. i think the color epis go with almost everything. they look great with jeans and dress clothes alike. as long as you're not wearing a lot of red and then carry a red bag then i think it's fine. i saw a women in all black carrying a red alma and it looked fabulous! unfortunately i only have one colored epi but i'm hoping to add more.
  13. What about purple bags??:shrugs:

    What do they match with? They are less neutral than red.
  14. i've been thinking the same thing recently too, cos i have a blue epi noe and a red pochette... but having bright red hair right now, i don't feel like i can wear the blue =(

    but i think if your clothes colours are neutral, or in complementary tones to the bag colour, or even contrasting in a way that is decorative and pleasing, then totally go for it!!

    a bag (or any wardrobe element) doesn't have to be neutral, just balanced somehow.
  15. actually they might be more versatile, cos they'd go with blues, reds, greens (in moderation, not too much large areas of strong colour)

    and they'd work well as a note of colour in a neutral outfit: with browns, black, white/creams...

    just step back when you've combined your outfit, and think about the balance of colour and how it works together...