Do you find it difficult...

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  1. get anything done around the house when your DH is home? I mean, right now, I am waiting for him to leave for his session which is at noon. Till then, I am killing time on TPF. I have a lot to do too. Put Christmas decorations away, do some mailing, tidy up our office, laundry, put clothes away, etc. but just cannot get started cause I know once I try he will ask me to do something or find something or whatnot. Is anyone else this way?
    I have a strong need to be alone in order to get things done....maybe back to therapy for the Shoo?
  2. Naw, no therapy, just direct communication - or at least that's what works for me and SO. I tell him "I'm gonna be doing X,Y,Z for the next 2 hours and don't wanna stop my flow to find your socks/wallet/the colander/etc. Ask now or you're on your own for the next few hours until I'm done."

    He responds well to that. Would Mr. Shoo?

    Good luck!
  3. that doesn't really work with us, I wish it did. If I'm doing something creative like painting or writing or hell, even sometimes reading a book, he won't interrupt that but if I'm just doing chores, he finds that interruptable. Likewise I guess. If he is in his studio working, I don't interrupt him. But if he is just doing household crap, I don't mind interrupting. I think it also has to do with me wanting to do things my way and not wanting him to interfere with that....
  4. I put my Ipod on and listen to an audiobook. He knows better than to interrupt when I'm "reading" :smile:
  5. Oooo Shoo, I like Mediana's ipod suggestion too. Good one! :tup:
  6. i have that problem when ANYONE in my house is home. i get so much more done when im all alone.
  7. :lol: thats another thing! I think I lost my iPod!
  8. Seriously shoo, you just wanna be the queen of the castle and keep your poor hubby under the slipper as Danes say:rolleyes:, you dominatrix you!

    He is out slaving for your bags while you prance around with a little duster and sing the entire greatest hits of Tina Turner and admire yourself in all the mirrors you pass by:nuts:
  9. you forgot the french maid outfit!

    iPod UPDATE:
    I just asked him if he's seen my iPod and he said, "I'm sorry honey. I was using it to work out to cause your iPod has more songs on it than mine does!"

    I've been looking for it all friggin week!
  10. YES!
    As luck would have it :smile: he had a business meeting this morning, I was able to get 3 loads of wash done and put a way, homemade spag' sauce made, the entire basement dusted and vac'd and washed my kitchen floor,loaded and unloaded the dishwasher... before lunch!

    It has the most I've done in weeks all at one time. I really wish he was gone during the day more often :smile:

  11. If you put the french maid uniform on, you'll sure be interrupted :smile:
  12. ^^^:graucho:

    now he is sitting in the hot tub (a ritual for him right before a session) so we are in the home stretch ladies....
  13. I am actually fantasizing right now about getting all the boxed up Christmas stuff into our basement....
  14. ^good luck to you when he leaves... let us know when you start your errands and tasks so we wont check in on your progress and interupt you.. ;)
  15. wise ass!

    OOOH! I just heard the hot tub cover go down....