Do you find full size MAC super heavy?

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  1. Hi lovelies,
    Let me start by saying i totally dig the look and functionality of full size MAC. I used to have one in Midnight, used it for some time and sold. Last week i saw a Black MAC with gold hardware in local RM retailer and without hesitation got it knowing how rare full size MACs are.
    I tried it on at home and it all came back to me, the reason i sold the Midnight MAC.
    It is so so heavy!!! Do you also find it heavy?
    I'm so frustrated, i love it but it is heavy.
    To keep or to sell?
  2. I don't find it heavy, but I don't stuff it full either.
  3. I don't find it heavy at all. I'm used to carrying a TON of stuff in my bigger satchels, so when I switch into my MAC I don't stuff it too much (carry only the essentials).
  4. I don't find it heavy at all. To me it's the perfect size for carrying my essentials without feeling like I have to leave anything important out.
  5. i think it's about the chain. change to another chain which is not metal or has less metal.
  6. I don't find it heavy since I often load up my MAMs and carry them crossbody. Those are really heavy, especially with my SLR inside. The MAC in comparison is light.

    I agree with Kasey that you may be getting the heavy feeling from the chain. A black crossbody leather strap is very easy to find on eBay!
  7. I don't find it heavy and I think she's the perfect size. I wish they still made it.
  8. I don't know if they still have them, but some time ago RM sold guitar straps, which are lighter and wider than the MAC's straps. I bought one for a satchel I have that got really heavy and uncomfortable when it was full and had a thin strap.
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  9. Great suggestion JuneHawk! I would love to see a MAC with one of the guitar straps.
  10. I find the regular MAC to be heavy, so I was disappointed that I rarely used it. The one I have is a firmer smooth leather with contrasting piping, so that leather might be heavier. But yes, I agree the chain strap is heavy. It became more of a dinner/party bag. I love the suggestion of a guitar strap! I loved the look of those and was sad I found out about the red LA love bag (with guitar strap) too late.
  11. I feel your pain on heavy RMs! I sold 3- 2 MAMs and a Cupid for this exact reason! However, I decided to give RM another try with the MAC, and it is much lighter than the previous 3 I let go of. I carry a makeup bag, a compact wallet, a sunglass case, my phone and a small pouch, and it really doesn't bother me during shopping trips!

    However, I normally carry larger totes, so I consider this a 'small' bag in terms of size...the hardware is definitely what weighs it down, but not to the point of being uncomfortable on my shoulder.

    In the end, it comes down to personal taste and comfort! I think the RM MAC is iconic in that it's her most 'signature' piece, and the size is way more practical than the mini, but if it's too heavy for you, then I'd suggest returning it. You just won't use it enough to get your money's worth!
  12. Yeah, talk about the weight of the chain, the chain on full size Finn clutch is really heavy. Bought one for my sister, she really likes it though regardless the weight.
  13. Ok, today I thought to change the strap on my MAC. Here it is crossbody and on the shoulder. The guitar strap is just long enough on me to be good crossbody (I'm 5'1.5"), but it may be too short if you are taller. The bag is really light with the guitar strap.

  14. Great creativity and looks great toghether too :smile:
  15. #15 May 1, 2016
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    Definitely an edgy look! The dog-leash details add a certain vibe that changes the whole effect of the bag. Much more 'laid back'