Do you find buyers nowadays are hard to please?

  1. I sent a friendly reminder that I'd love to leave a buyer wonderful feedback if she is happy with her purchase (a designer purse). She replied and said that she *like* the bag, but wishing the leather trim would be more ivory. I had like 8 pictures on my listing clearly showing the color is more beige than ivory. It seems like that she is not going to leave me any feedback. Oh well, that is at least better than a neutral or negative, right? Buyers are hard to please nowadays, even the purse is authentic, shipment is prompt, with delivery confirmation and nice, follow-up emails...
  2. Do you mind my asking how long she's had the bag? How many feedback she has? I see no rational explanation for her withholding that simple courtesy.
  3. If I could count how many times buyers have flaked out on me and NEVER left feedback after the transaction was PERFECT, the shipping was FAST and they had no problem with the merchandise.....I'd have like 50 more points than I already do. It just a courtesy to leave feedback. I do it immediately after I receive an item. I actually was leaving feedback before the buyers did, but I lost out so many times even after emailing them saying "I left feedback for you and would love it if you could the same when you get a sec" and they'd never respond, that I just stopped doing that.:cursing:
  4. She has the bag for a week, and has less than 10 feedbacks.
  5. Very hard to please but luckily i've only sold small stuff and they've all been good...

    but i've heard some horror stories!

  6. That is one of the dumbest things I have read! LMAO

    "the trim could be more ivory" ????? LMAO!!!!!!

    How on earth are you to know what shade of ivory it is, or what shade she would prefer? How do you state that??? Is there a color wheel that everyone should go by?

    And what control do YOU have over what shade of ivory it is.

    Im so LMAO at how IDIOTIC she is:roflmfao:
  7. I assumed that she would do the research (like going to the boutique to check out style, size & color) before she bidded. Maybe she is a compulsive buyer :idea:
  8. I would remind her that feedback is how people are rated on eBay and that it is a common curtesy and indeed part of the eBay process that feedback should be left.

    As she has less than 10 feedback - it might help just to state (friendly) that some sellers do not allow people with less than 10 feedback to bid on certain items and that if everybody she dealt with didn't leave her feedback she would find it increasingly hard to use eBay!

    You never know - it might work!

    But as you said - at least no feedback is better than neutral or negative. But it is manners really isn't it?
  9. This is why I never send feedback reminders! Sadly you've now given her a nudge to complain about something that is beyond your control.
  10. I don't sell that much on Ebay but once or twice a year I'll put some things on and I always get that one buyer that is so demanding that I think this is it and I'm done with Ebay. I just sold some stuff and had a buyer who got an awesome deal and sent paypal payment and two hours later was demanding that the package be mailed out immediately since she had paid and then e-mailed again two days later asking where the package was. She emailed me that she got the package and now is saying she has to examine everything and then will consider feedback. I buy all the time and have never been this demanding.
  11. Feedback is completely voluntary. Many folks do not like to leave it and it is their choice. If you ask for feedback they may well give you a negative for asking.

    I know feedback is important to sellers, but "reminding" people to leave it is a good way to get exactly what you don't want.
  12. Completely agree! :yes: I sell on eBay for money not feedback
  13. It's completely legal to send reminders, as ebay uses the feedback system to evaluate both sellers & buyers. There are lots of seller *buying* feedback by winning 1 cent auctions. If you don't send reminders, it's you who give up the right. How would ppl trust you if you have only a couple of feedbacks or even negative? This is the game of ebay, and I just play by the rules.
  14. actually, I haven't had a problem yet with buyers. if they don't want to leave feedback, hey that is their choice. I do send an email though asking whether they received the item ok. they usually get back to me and leave feedback.

    my real issue is with sellers - I leave positive feedback, and so many just don't respond. what is the issue, I really wonder. I pay within their given timing - usually a few days. they have my money, no hassle and can't be bothered to leave feedback in response to mine? I am honestly at the point of not giving feedback to sellers either anymore, unless there was some sort of contact. (sorry for my rant, but it has annoyed me too much)
  15. eBay really isn't about feedback, it's about financial transactions.

    I have over 3,000 fb and wouldn't ever dream of sending feedback reminders because I am personally far more concerned about people paying me in a timely manner than whether they leave fb or not....just my opinion :shrugs: