Do you feel you have enough $ to buy a Birkin/Kelly or are you pinching pennies to..

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  2. "Poor and not worthy" in what way?
  3. I'm confused about this thread? What's going on?
  4. OP deleted her question and now my reply makes no sense at all!:wacko::lol:
  5. I think most people have the money to buy a Birkin or Kelly. The big questions is if they WANT to spend that amount on a purse. Its a pretty big step in that sense.
  6. Lucci, you are so right!!!! This is what I try to explain to my freinds!
  7. I guess this may be a touchy subject to bring up for some and so the original post was edited to nothing....I don't exactly pinch pennies but I make sure I work hard and earn the money to afford my own expensive habit. I don't squander away the family jewels or break the bank just to indulge my own Hermes habit, and I make sure I remember those less fortunate than I am by helping out in charities, the RSPCA etc to give back to society in the way I can.
  8. oh, now i wish i could see the original post. i don't want to just reply to a subject line.
  9. I will. I only buy when I comfortably have the spare money to do so. I would never pinch pennies to buy myself what I consider a luxury, especially with a husband and two very small children to be responsible for. When I was in my 20's, I would have felt differently, but I had no responsibilities as such then.

    I couldn't happily wear my Hermes things if I was in debt, or pinching pennies.
  10. I have to pinch pennies :shame: But then again I'm 22 with no responsibilities right now, like GF said, I think it depends on where in life you are currently as to how you save up for your bag purchases. I sure as hell wouldn't be buying Hermes if it was bank-breaking and I had to make huge sacrifices to do it. It would not only be irresponsible and immature, but wow the guilt I would feel. I already feel kinda guilty as is, knowing that my parent's would never approve of a $6,000 bag, even though I know their money just goes to a different place then mine does right now, like that equal amount but on antiques and such. Plus my parents are pretty reasonable people in the first place; my Dad has the funds for the luxury car of his choice, but I don't think he'd ever buy one, lol, he's a southern gentleman pure and simple and loves his big diesal trucks :biggrin: I don't think I could ever picture him in a Mercedes or something, I think he'd be too annoyed at the fact that his Indiana-Jones style hats would get squashed against the roof of the car!

    Man I'm rambling again...I'm really bad about that tonight... :sweatdrop:
  11. Oooh... your dad sounds................ handsome....:nuts::roflmfao:
  12. Neeya, my DH STILL doesn't approve of a 6K bag - LOL! But, they get used to the hell out of the whinging he would have to endure.
  13. Serenity Now: lol!!! My daddy still gets hit-on by mom's friends too :rolleyes: He's the essence of pure southern gentleman, always opens the car door for me, always seats ladies, always stands when a woman leaves the table, he's such a charmer :biggrin: The doting father and the major Daddy's girl :p I wish I could get my boyfriend to do all that stuff, lol!

    GF: My boyfriend as accepted it, but does he approve of it...noooooo, lol! But he's supporting my habits, so I can't complain! :biggrin:
  14. He gets even better by the minute!:nuts: What a sweet, dear fellow your dad is! Can someone fall in love with a description??? I think I can! LOL!
  15. SUE! He's married!!

    Bad Girl!