Do you feel you can do a better job yourself?

  1. Do you feel you can do a better job with a beauty service than they can? I love having pedicures, hate my toes/feet to look bad but I honestly feel I can do a better job myself even thought I love the thought of being pampered. My last pedicure 2 weeks ago was like a 10 minute thing. It was stick you foot in the water, take it out one minute later for every thing they did. Not relaxing at all. Then the polish did not even look good. Today I did my own at home and used my foot spa with the heat and jet bubbles and all my goodies and felt so relaxed. I use Raw Earth pedicure products and even took the time for a foot mask. I painted my toes but the Chanel polish is too light so I will redo it this weekend. I really think now I will just do it myself and save the pedicure money on nice products for me to use at home.

    I don't feel I can really mess around with some hair colors at home but my hair is so short that it really wouldn't matter. My SIL is going to frost my hair next week. I just dyed it light brown and think it is OK. Glad to get rid of the all over blond.

    I would never wax at home, too much pain and I am such a chicken.

    Manicures are OK for me to do, I never have a problem but rather get them done at the salon but then again I have had some quick not very good manicures in the past.

    So what are your experiences???:drinks:
  2. I can do my own hair color, cut and style but I don't since my mom owns a salon. Mom has no mani/pedi person and I don't like the way most salons do my nails. I do my own nails best. They're naturally very long and strong and most places deal with acrylic so much that they're way too rough on my nails and they always cause my nails to crack or split. I'd like to try waxing, but I'm afraid so I go old school with a razor.
  3. i hate nail salons...they ALWAYS mess my my nail shape ...:cursing: whats not to understand...i tell them keep the same shape and they still mess up...i can't relax when i get my nails done i watch them like a hawk as they do each nail and i dont like it or i see a little bubble i tell them to do it over...
  4. I think I currently have fungus from a pedicure so I've been keeping the polish off to keep an eye on my toes and just soaking them at home in my foot spa then cutting them down (which I really don't do too well and is the whole reason why I would get pedicures in the first place). My toes look nasty with no polish but whatever. The first sighting of anything remotely resembling fungus and I'm going straight to the doctor. Sigh. Thank God I can start wearing my Uggs soon to cover up those nasty tootsies.
  5. I can do my own makeup better since I'm used to my face lol
  6. I think my SIL might have picked up a fungus from her pedicure place but they continue to do pedicures on her even though she has a fungus. I will not go to that place....... Lauren are you putting any fungus polish on your toes to try to get rid of it if you feel it is starting???? You don't want it to get worse. Also the best thing with a fungus is to let your feet air out as much as possible (meaning no socks in closed shoes) and I don't know if Ugg boots are the best but at least to me your feet can breath in them with the sheepskin. A hairdresser said to soak a cotton ball with LIsterene mouthwash and put on toes with fungus.
  7. :yes: Me too! Luckily I found a place right down the road from my college that totally knows how i like things! I've gone on internships in PA and MA for 3-6 months and wait until i go back to visit home before I get my nails done!!! I was lucky that i found a great place in PA, but in MA i didn't even bother. I am so picky about my nails too.
  8. I haven't found a place that can do a better manicure/pedicure than I can.

    I also prefer to wax my own legs at home. I however cannot do my own eyebrows. . .had an overplucking incident :wtf: when I did it myself.
  9. i cant do my hair or nails better myself however when it comes to my makeup I do a much better job then anyone else, I know what i like on my own face, lol
  10. Absolutely not! I would never dream of doing my own hair. I can do pedicures but they always come out so much better (and are more enjoyable) when I have them done. My nails, there is no way. I can't do acryllic and gel. I tried to wax my brows once and it was a big disaster. I even burned my eyelids and had wax in my hair and places on my brows that were not supposed to be removed and couldn't get it out.

    I do my own makeup. That's it.
  11. No one can give me a better manicure than myself!! I suck at pedis, but manis are my thing lol. My friends always want me to do their nails, too.
  12. I wear gel nails so don't get/do manicures and I do enjoy the whole pampering aspect of getting pedicures at a nice spa/salon (not those cheap rush you in/rush you out salons) but in an effort to cut back on spending, I now do my own pedicures. I am doing one right now actually.
  13. haha only with manicures/pedicures...I always do them myself and I hate nail salons.
  14. Oh, I love my pedicures and manicures...I think you have to go to the right salon. I used to get them at the same time, but when I do that I can't get out in under 3 hours, so I now do them on alternating weeks.

    My average pedicure takes about and hour to and an hour and 15 minutes, plus dry time. They really do a good job on my nails and the shaping and cutting. I was prone to ingrown toenails, but since I have been going to this salon, about 2 years, no problems :smile: Plus the do a great leg and foot message that in itself takes about 20 minutes.
  15. I do my own mani/pedi and have gotten a few compliments on the results. I tell people it's because I'm Korean. :biggrin: