Do you feel weird if you DON'T carry Coach?

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  1. Today and yesterday I have been using a Kenneth Cole bag which I absolutely love. I went into TJ MAXX to do a return and in walks a girl with a leather Carly. I wanted to yell out, "I'm a Coach girl too!!" Like nobody even knew that the bag I had on was a $300 Kenneth Cole, but when I wear Coach, I get a lot of looks. Do you feel strange or naked if you use a not as recognizable or less expensive purse than Coach? (Not really applicable for those who have very high end designer like LV or Chanel I would think).
  2. Not for me, but my other bags are Chanel, so like you said, maybe it doesn't apply. ;)
  3. Sometimes I feel like this. I've definitely been making my non-Coach bags feel very left out lately.
  4. Nope...I have a couple Kate Spade messengers that I would use for school & I LOVE them

    I buy my bags because I like them, not what others think of them ;)
  5. Nope lols. Coach bags are only casual bags for me. Although i'd prefer to carry a coach bag than just any ratty nameless bag haha.
  6. Not for me either..... :nogood:
  7. I have a $10.00 WalMart purse that I LOVE. It's held up for a few years and is just now starting to shred up. I also have a large white braided hobo purse from Claire's Boutique that cost me $23.00 (the time a few years ago where I couldn't even justify spending THAT much on a purse). My my how things have changed. Point is, I still love wearing them and DO get compliments on them. But now that I'm starting to get a Coach bag in every color, I'm starting to enjoy the compliments and am replacing my cheap bags with them.
  8. Here-here, LaurenAshley! I have been doing exactly the same thing. Since I started REALLY noticing and liking and buying Coach, I've been replacing my old bags with COACH!!! I only have 3 actual Coach Purses in my collection now (even though I've bought and sold/exchanged many more than that this year). Now I think I'll stick to fun accessories...except for buying the perfect BLACK bag when I find it (maybe at the outlet next weekend!!!)! That is the one color I have not been able to decide on (or KEEP) because, as I've said before, 'a BLACK bag is a BLACK bag' - it's hard to spend hundreds of dollars on 'JUST a black bag'. Guess I just haven't found THE Black Bag for ME! :p
  9. i have slowly replaced all of my other bags with Coach in the last few months.

    I don't think it is just because of what other people think of my bags, but because the Coach bags really are so much nicer. I absolutely LOVE the styles more. They are sturdy, well stitched, smell yummy, etc. lol and my cheaper bags.. well... they are just cheap. LOL
  10. You vile, blasphemous woman (just kidding, of course :p)!! A black bag is not "JUST a black bag." A black bag is a masterpiece, a work of fricking ART! How can you speak such nonsense?

    Oh yeah, by the way, every bag in my collection is black. :blush:
  11. I don't carry any of my other name brand bags, but if I didn't carry Coach I don't think I'd feel weird.
    No one ever compliments me on my bags or looks at them though, so I don't think I'd be 'missing' out if I carried non-coach.
  12. Ditto. :yes:

    I have a Kenneth Cole bag that I carry and everytime someone will comment on how nice it is, etc. I think it just depends upon the style of the bag.
  13. Well since discovering my love of Coach, I've only carried Coach so I can't really say. Although honestly, people don't typically comment on my bag or anything. I do find that I also like many styles by Lucky Brand which I would buy and carry without a second thought.
  14. I bought a Fossil tote at TJMaxx awhile back and paid $29 for it. Claimed retail was $189... it's a giant tote bag in black with the brown "f" pattern all over it and really a cute tote with nice long shoulder straps.

    I swear I get more compliments on that bag than any other one I own! :p I usually only wear it if I'm shopping in stores like garden centers and occasionally if it's raining.

    The only time my Coach bags are recognized is if they are signature... if leather, I don't think anybody knows. I'm also in a small town situation and the only people who really know Coach are the teens anyway!
  15. I pretty much only carry Coach...

    But-- if I bought another brand-- it wouldn't make me feel weird to carry it.

    I have been thinking about an LV or a B Bag lately-- but I just don't know. :confused1: