Do You Feel Uncomfortable When...

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  1. Do you feel uncomfortable when you are carrying your LV such as a speedy or NF and you see several others around you carrying the same bag? Does it decrease the amount you take your bag out?

    Or does it not bother you?
  2. I just experienced that in the mall last week when I carried my Mono NF and I saw others carrying it as well and we even went to the same stores. The bag doesn't feel special to me anymore but I still use it because it's quite handy. And to answer your question, it does bother me a bit although I knew this was sooo common before I bought it in the first place.
  3. No. I have not ever seen anyone with the same bags as I have. Ever.
  4. No, but I feel uncomfortable when people ask how much I paid for them :/
  5. I only have damier Eva and Delightful pm. I haven't seen anyone with the Delightful in any size when I'm out. The only Eva I saw was on the lady that was carrying it before I got mine!
  6. Oops, forgot to add that it wouldn't be a problem for me though because we all have our own style & the bag compliments your attire, IMO.
  7. Only once I have seen someone with a Manhatten PM when I wa using mine and I was heaps excited, Also only once have I seen someone with an Pochette Eclipse and that was a celeb ( Jennifer Hawkins) so I was MEGA excited. I love seeing people with real LV it makes me happy and seeng people carry real neverfulls and Speedys make me love them more as it brightens my day. EYE CANDY IMO. If it upsets anyone maybe they should purchase a less popular brand.
  8. Yep that's why I sold my Speedys and my Chanels. Did not enjoy seeing three of each every hour I was out.
  9. Not fussed at all, I kinda like it as (of course when they're real, I see more fakes than genuine) I feel like I'm part of a club. If you have an issue with it then perhaps reconsider the bags you buy... I don't buy LV or any other luxury brand for the exclusivity, I buy it for the quality and workmanship and because it will last me for hopefully my lifetime.
  10. Yes, that's why I stopped carrying my Damier Neverfull MM although I did carry it for 11 months straight. When I first started carrying it, not many people had it. Now I see it everywhere.

    I now switch between my Cabas Antigua MM, and my Fuchsia Baggy PM.
  11. It doesn't bother me at all. I see more Coach (I love their all leather bags) than LV and no matter the brand it doesn't bother me at all to see someone with the same bag I have. Unless I have everything custom made, someone else is always going to have the same things I have.
  12. I dont care at all, I carry my LV because i love it and i dont care who or what other people are carrying.
  13. The only bag I see A LOT is the azur speedy in 30 and fakes. I have a ebene in 35 so it doesn't really bother me. It would be nice to have a exclusive bag but since I can't afford a Birkin I'll have to deal with other people being in the same bag club as me.
  14. No, but I rarely see people with my bags (I don't own a speedy or NF). When I do spot someone with one of the bags I have, I think, 'Hey, that person has one too!'
  15. Not at all, as long as they are authentic.