Do you feel this way too?

Do you guys ever get so addicted to tpf that you've sat in front of your laptop, macbook, blackberry, iphone, whatever for hours and asked yourself where has the time flown?

I've been on here since noon looking at reference pages and different leather and styles in different forums and other and its now midnight and I've been ignoring kids and DH! Well don't mind dh :P but my poor 5 weeks old baby is being ignored! And then my 2 year old grabs my hand and says "Lets go mommy. Let's go!"

Any guilty parties besides me? oh well, I'll make it to them during Christmas. :graucho:


living & loving life
Feb 17, 2009
Yes, I have found myself on here for hours at a time. Sometimes it's much nicer to just spend hours on here rather than doing other things that should probably be getting done. :P


Aug 8, 2008
Been here so long tonight it seems like I lost an hour somewhere.

Oh wait..... I did.

Note the timestamps on replies 3 & 4 above :P


Nov 6, 2010
As a new member, I can already feel this place has a very laid back, warm feeling to it and I've already spent an hour yesterday as well as today!


it is what it is....
Dec 30, 2007
Australian in New Hampshire
I feel this way often- this is such a great forum- covers almost everything I need! I originally found my way here because of purses but now I never go in to those sections!

I come and go during the day a a a bit more.
Oct 11, 2010
I seem to have lost the hour between 9am and 10am everyday! I tell myself I'm just going to come on and read a little and next thing I know it's 10 AGAIN. I'm going back to work now that my littlest one is in school all day and I will probably have withdrawals.

I have to say though, I love this place! When I first found tpf I couldn't believe it, all these women who love all things beauty and fashion just like me, it was like I found my home!