Do you feel this way about LV?

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  1. Hi everyone. I was at the mall today and I saw so many women with real LV bags. I usually wear LV exclusively, but today I swiched bags to a non LV brand.

    I felt so strange without mine and I missed my bags! Have you ever gotten this feeling? It's hard to really explain, but I believe its withdrawal symptoms...LOL.

    Oh I getting crazy?
  2. Great thread! I am very new to LV, first got my friend's used mono speedy 30 in Nov. and I have to tell you...wearing it out...was like having great cleavage, lol! I am serious, people were noticing it everywhere I went and they were stealing glances sort of the way one would when noticing your cleavage or your engagement ring. Other designers I wore in the past(Fendi, Prada, gucci, Kate Spade and Burberry) didn't get nearly the reception like this mono speedy which in my opinion was even a little rough, the patina was honey on the diamonds and caramel on the handles which bugged me and so I sold it.

    I now have a damier speedy and nope that one doesn't get the same fanfare as the mono one did. I still love it though, but man that was fun having a bag that got noticed! When I wore my ginormous gucci charms tote that got some attention, but that thing was too big for me and in the end helped fund the ds 30.
  3. LOL I feel the same way....I wore my Burberry out once since I bought it and switched right back to my LV! I feel naked without the LV or like I'm cheating on it!
  4. I feel much better carrying my LV - I feel weird carrying anything else now.
  5. I feel the same way. I do switch between the other designer and non designer bags I have but I always end up going right back to LV.
  6. hahah yeah!! everytime I don't wear my LV and see one somewhere I always think "i should've worn my LV" hahahhaha
  7. Haha I thought I was the only one who thought that!! :roflmfao:
  8. I only carry LV's now...I would actually miss them if I carried another bag.
  9. I think it's called addiction lol:biggrin:
    and yes, same here too!

  10. same here!!!:heart: :P
  11. That's weird, I thought I was the only one that has ever felt that way, LOL. I too have wanted to switch to another bag and just thinking about maybe switching I miss the one I'm using now. LV lover!!!!!!!:yahoo:
  12. Sometimes, I do like to switch it up sometimes tho.
  13. thats funny you mentioned this...i switched to a non LV purse and some girl bumped my purse with her longchamps tote...i told my bf about it and told him that she had no respect for my non lv bag (dooney) and that i wish i had one of my LV's on me

    also, i am in ny and i'm curious does the following happen to anyone else...

    Someone bumps your purse with theirs and when you turn to their its a cheap lil bag and you look and she obviously had enough space to pass, yet manages to get so close and bump your purse. i tell my sis that i wish my bag had spikes on it lol because this happens all the time
  14. I'm the same way... I only carry LV, & I pretty much only buy LV.
  15. Next time, put a brick in your purse and see who will get hurt the most when she bumps into you again. :P Ya, I hate it when girls do that to your purse but I think mainly because they're just jealous. :rolleyes: