Do you feel this too?

  1. Recently I took out Miss White City just to have a look, and I suddenly felt like she was too plain, too simple. I was struck by that thought because when I first had her, it was love all the way and I truly enjoyed her smooshiness. I tried jazzing her up with scarves, bag charms and the like, but I find that I am still pulling my other bags out inside of her.

    Does anyone feel the same way about their neutral colored bags, or any other bag for that matter? Where suddenly you feel the love has left, or just needs to be rediscovered again? I do still feel an attachment to Miss White because she was my first Bbag and so hard to find, but I'm not sure if it's deep love anymore :shrugs:
  2. I have felt this way about other bags :yes:

    For me, that tends to be the slippery slope into buying something new :sneaky:
  3. Just put her away until you find her again and rediscover the love, it happens :smile:
  4. LOL. I was hoping no one would raise this possibility!
  5. Do you reckon that if I used her more, instead of less, I would feel the love again? :shrugs: I am just afraid that if I leave her to be, then I may never feel the same again.
  6. Hmm, I only have 2 bbags I rotate: a black and a camel. I never get bored of the black city, ever. but the camel one, sometimes i have to put her away (but not out of sight) and i'll come back to it with renewed love. i find it helps to wear an outfit that will totally look fantastic with that bag in particular. try it.
  7. LOL, so for me, once the love is gone, using the bag more just makes me resolute that I need something different :roflmfao:

    But try it!!

    You have nothing to loose. :yes:

    If the love sparks up again, cool!!

    If not, maybe you can find something else that will make you go :nuts:

  8. Nope, not me!
    I've been using my White City all week and I LOVE her!!!

    But, I have discovered that I am a "neutral" kind of girl, so white, black, browns, and blue just WORK for me :p

  9. Good point! hmwe! I think this has happened to me too where using the bag just confirmed that i was no longer in love...!
  10. I think the neutrals look great with scarves...Or have you tried a Rogue Escape Pod?
  11. maybe you not feeling the excitement that you once had for the bag has weared off and because it's just a sign that you should move on, because you really shouldn't settle for bbags..especially with how much they really want to be happy with it to the fullest. goodluck with your decision though..i'm sure it's not an easy considering it was your first bbag and your somewhat attached to it.
  12. Uh...yeah.
    Unfortunately, I totally agree with this. I just ended up buying not but two LV Multicolour Speedys, even though I've owned one before and found it too heavy and too garish. I just felt like looking at the same bag over and over was killing it for me. O, fickle heart:rolleyes:
  13. To be dreadfully honest, I don't like any of the Bal accessories. I like the bags well enough.. just not the add-ons. I actually bought 2 Hermes pochettes to decorate Miss White City and did carry her twice after that... but now....
  14. I think this might partly be the case; I'm starting to move on towards Chanel and Hermes so maybe that's the reason I don't feel the love? But the funny thing is - I don't even own a bag from either of those two brands yet!
  15. Oh no, I don't think I could deal with TWO white cities. The potential dirt accumulation will just drive me NUTS. :push: