Do you feel there is a weight limit for wearing CLs?

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  1. A couple days ago, I was trying on some CLs just before closing and it was really just me, a salesgirl and another customer there. The other customer was quite overweight but entirely lovely and very stylish. And besides all else, a CUSTOMER. The sales girl had to be one of the stupidest women I have ever come across, and I ended up calling and writing a formal letter about her serious attitude problem.

    When the other customer asked to try on a pair in size 39, the salesgirl goes "The manager isn't here so I can't check with her but I don't feel comfortable letting you try on these shoes because you're so overweight and you might break the heel on them. Sorry." Poor customer was like "Oh... okay then." After I picked my jaw up off the ground, I interrupted to tell this nasty, idiot sales girl off (besides being rude, that is just bad strategy for a sales person) and among the idiotic crap she spouted off to me were "It's not MY fault her feet are so puffy and obese, and she still thinks she a 39", "CLs aren't made for fat girls", "It looks pathetic when you try to fit a fat foot in a luxury shoe", "It doesn't matter if the shoe still 'fits' if it is at the bottom of a chunky leg, it doesn't look right." (I think she knew she was going to get fired so just let all her misplaced anger out towards the end.)

    Oh. my. GOSH. This poor customer. I was horrified and told my friends about it the next day. They all agreed that it was very cruel and extremely stupid of the sales girl, but I was shocked that they started talking about weight and seemed to divide equally on the issue of wearing CLs if overweight.

    Half my friends admitted to being embarassed about it, but nevertheless thought that there was a weight limit for wearing CLs. They thought that shoes only look nice on girls with slender lengs andthat because of their construction, CLs only look good on skinny girls. The other half said they couldn't care less and that girls should wear whatever shoes they can afford and feel suit them.

    I have to admit that I have in the past, looked at photos of stick thin models wearing CLs and thought I'd love it if my legs were as thin as that and looked as lovely in my shoes, but I don't agree with the weight thing at all - I think women should wear whatever shoes make them happy.

    How do you feel about CLs? Do you think there is a "weight limit"?
  2. I'm just horrified by that.. I don't think there is a weight limit. OK, I don't think you should put on CLs if you are 700lbs, but if you're 700lbs you're likely not walking out of the house anyway. The girls on here are of all shapes and sizes and every single girl I have seen, big or small, looks FAB in her CLs. I'm not a small girl myself and I actually feel like CLs are slimming on my larger legs!!

    CLs absolutely do NOT look good on only "skinny girls."

    That SA has another thing coming to her and I really do hope she got fired. And your friends who think that CLs are only for girls with slender legs are also a little in the dark.
  3. WTF? Did you ever hear back from company about the sales girl? What nerve, so unprofessional and rude.
  4. ^^ what Megs said! Totally disgusting behaviour from that sales girl... I'm really appauled by it actually... that poor customer. Good for you for sticking up for her though.
  5. No, I haven't heard back yet, but I hope she gets fired. If she lies about having said those things, I'm sure the manager will be able to look of the security tape and see us in a clearly heated argument, and I had my hand on the other customer's back to kind of make her feel better and let her know I was on her side.

    Meggy, I know. I was appalled that half my friends thought that way, too. And surprised since the ones who felt that way are all heavier than the stick thin friends of mine who said they didn't feel there was a weight limit.
  6. Emma, maybe your heavier friends are insecure about wearing CLs?? That's all I can think about why they'd have that opinion. I could see them saying larger girls shouldn't wear short shorts (I won't!) but I mean.. shoes? It just doesn't make sense.
  7. I think it's because they said that the construction of the CL shoe is slender and if you're feet are "puffy" (I hate this word so much) it looks less attractive than a slender foot that just lies in the shoe. Ugh, I don't really get it either. It's just an ugly, hurtful argument that has no purpose but to degrade people unnecessarily.
  8. Wow, this just floored me! I'm glad you were there to stick up for this poor woman. My god imagine how mortified she must have felt. I hope that b**ch SA gets her azz fired. Totally unacceptable behavior!
  9. I am absolutely horrified by this story. I could cry for this poor woman who has every right to try on any shoe she likes.

    Anyone who says bigger girls should not wear CLs is completely off-base in my opinion. I understand that they may feel that they look better on skinny girls, but no one can say who should and should not wear a particular shoe.

    This is disgusting to me.
    I truly hope that woman went straight to her lawyer.

    I am no skinny girl and I think they look great on me!
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    I am horrified by this story! What a nightmare SA! Good for you for letting her know that was NOT acceptable!

    I am so upset by this story that I would have gone a few steps further to let
    managment know that type of behavior is not just out of line, but harrassing and discriminating & has no place in a retail enviroment. Isn't shopping, especially the shoe department, our 'happy' place!?

    I don't see a weight limit for CLs personally. I think there are so many different styles that the right fit and style is available for everyone who buys a pair.

    Okay, I am still thinking about this so am editing to add that High Heels are known to add length to the legs, make you stand up straighter and they shift body weight/posture so that they do amazing things for the bum! Also, they tone your legs and really make them stand out in a dress or skirt! What lady, regardless of weight, should attempt to be denied this!
  11. I am horrified too. I agree with JetSetGo.

    Some shoes don't work for everyone (some styles do work better for women with skinnier calves - like boots), but being too fat for them? Give me a break. That SA was completely out of line. I hope the customer called the store's manager or wrote to their head office to formally complain (at least). I know I did when I got treated horrifically at that one shop late last fall.

    Some SAs need to realize that larger size people also have money and theirs is just as good.

    CLs are made for everyone, no matter what shape or size you come in.
  12. what an id!ot salesperson. she should focus more on her main duty (which is to sell!) rather than judging customers. personally, i do not believe there is a "weight limit" wearing cls. i mean, the concept alone is a bit off. people (women who adores cls) are pretty sharp and i'm sure we all know our own individual limits.
  13. :cursing: Of course there is no weight limit!!!!!!!!!!!!!Is there a weight limit of people buying cars????NO, its the same thing!!! Anyone can wear CL's, my goodness, they are only shoes for goodness sake, nice shoes ok, but still only shoes. If I was the lady that the donut SA was talking about, I would have wiped the floor with her.
  14. This is so shocking and horrifying!!! I can't believe someone would make such a rude comment. Props to you for standing up for that lady. :flowers: Every women no matter what size they are should have the choice to wear whatever they like. It's so cruel to take away that lady's right to try on a simple pair of shoes, it's stupid and idiotic. There's absolutely no weight limit for wearing CLs in my opinion. Wear whatever that makes you happy is all that's important.
  15. Wow, thats insane. Im sorry but some of these SAs have no right dealing with customers. It used to be that this position needed some level of social skills but more and more, I see rude SAs who dont want to be bothered by customers and cant wait to clock out of work. I hope this b*tch gets fired.
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