Do you feel shallow/materialistic to wear your LV?

  1. Do you feel shallow or materialistic to wear your LV? Do you get dirty looks by people (mostly women) when you wear your bag? I don't feel materialistic to wear my LV, but others give me the impression that I'm a shallow person to be owning one. :sad:
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  2. I don't feel shallow & don't really care if people think I am, I know me better than they do
  3. Sometimes... i won't get into particulars but i think anyone at time may question how they spend their money. But hey, there are thousands of people all over the world who own LV and are they all shallow.
  4. I don't feel shallow or materialistic when I wear my LV at all. The only feeling I get is happiness! I haven't received any dirty looks, but I have seen others just look at me and my bag --- don't know what they're thinking, but who cares?? lol And anyway, I feel I've earned this little bit of luxury.
  5. Heck NO, I spent way over $100,000 on my education so a $1000 bag is nothing compared to that. I don't walk around with my Diplomas tattoed on my head.

    My freinds recognize how hard I've worked and think that I deserve to spend money on things like bags if they make me happy.

    My parents live by the creed that you can't take it with you and I do too.
  6. no i'm not materialistic. i like designer bags and that is not a crime. if i can afford them why cant i treat myself. i work hard for my money too.

    i'm pretty moderest when it comes to day-to-day living and do not see why having a hobby (thats the way i see it) on designer bags is a bad thing.

    but yes when people first met me i get the impression that they think i'm shallow and materialistic. but i dun care what other thinks.

    me buying deisgner bags dont affect their way of living.
  7. I don't feel that way...but many people I meet (who don't know me very well) think I'm a snob. But I'm not...and I say to heck with those who think I am..they're not worth knowing!
  8. ITA RG :tup:

    I get stares from people and have encountered people who knocked me for driving a luxury car and having a penchant for luxury items but they were mostly just haters. To each their own.
  9. Not at all. I buy things that put a smile on my face and really don't care what others think. There are different types of shallow people out there.
  10. No, but I can't help noticing that 90% of the women I see on the train or walking around downtown carry cheap no-name bags.

    And I sometimes wonder what makes me so different from them, why they don't care what they carry, and why I do.

    A little introspection isn't a bad thing.
  11. No i'm not materalistic.I feel like I have worked hard for the money that I spend.The only thing I think about is whether people assume my stuff is fake at times because thats all you see in the mall and stores being carried around.I mean it seems like these bootleggers come up with their on stuff so I wonder since some have never seen what I may be carrying I wonder do they feel that its just another fake floating around.

    I had to say to myself don't worry about that and who cares what others think.What I get from other wives that I know well some of them is "my husband would never let me spend money like that"I just say oh well I guess thats just the world we live in,lol.

  12. so true! i wonder this too at times.:yes:
  13. yep me too! out of all my friends, only one of them notices my LV and she doesn't even buy that expensive bags. My other friends are more simple and don't even really notice my LV bags. I also feel kind of weird sometimes on the train here downtown carrying my LV! I wonder how I got so obsessed with bags being the lone one out of my friends (besides the purse forum!)
  14. If you work hard, and are able to enjoy a little luxury once in a while, its great....and I prefer a little touch of it rather than wear LV from head to toe....then you look like you're screaming for attention, and others are sure to mistake you for looking like a "material girl"...
  15. I usually just remind myself that they might collect shoes or antiques or rare books or fine art, which makes them equally "materialistic." The same goes for men who acquire comic books or electronics and so on.