Do you feel safe carrying expensive handbags?

  1. Today was the first time ever I felt un-safe while carrying expensive handbags. I was carrying an LV bag today and I was on the bus home from my last class and it was quite dark. I noticed someone on the bus staring very intensely at my bag and then got up abruptly at my stop and I could hear them follow closely behind. Good thing my BF was visiting in town so I called him on my cell and said "Hi Honey, I'm here, come meet me downstairs" and the guy behind me turned away and walked off.

    This evening I was carrying my Balenciaga when I was approached by a huge man with a large coat with one hand underneathe and it was obvious something was protruding. Granted he was asking me if I had a playstation 3, it still made me incredibly uneasy.

    I'm starting to wonder if it is appropriate for me to own about 10 Balenciagas and other miscellaneous LVs when I'm only 21 and still finishing school. I was thinking of an Hermes for a while now but it now makes me nervous.
  2. I understand that completely, i've had some similar experiences (some with bags and some with clothing/acessories) and it freaks me out too. So, my advice is, take a taekwondo (how do you spell it? jesus)-class, start carrying a knife, and if it should happen again, start rolling your eyes etremely fast, talk to yourself out loud and the scary, designerstealing guy/girl will probably think you're insanse and back off. My top-tip.
  3. I think it's bad to carry weapons since they can be used against you. I've taken self defense more but it's still pretty hard while wearing heels....
  4. The weapon-tip was a joke. =)
  5. Maybe you should make a point to leave your more expensive bags at home if you will be out alone or at night or in a strange place. Anything that says "money" can make you a target. I try to avoid going places that I might feel threatened, but sometimes you just can't.
  6. yeah as djgirl1976 said just try to avoid using your expensive bags in places like that. leave them for dinners or shopping in really nice malls etc if you know what I mean?
  7. That would freak me out! The cellphone trick does the job usually. Sometimes though that doesn't work.

    Stay safe!
  8. When I'm carrying my LV monogram then yes I might feel a bit uneasy late at night. Anything else, no. I don't think most criminals would know a Balenciaga if it smacked them in the head. I feel much more of a target when wearing expensive jewelry.
  9. Ooops. O completely missed the joke. It's 5am, I lose all sense of humor after 3am....:blush:
  10. I think this is true. I use this rule of thumb when wearing my jewelry too. And, for years, I have also been cautious about wearing certain coats, in particular my nicer leather ones, if I fear I may attract the wrong kind of attention.

    I wish the world wasn't like this, but it is and it's best to be pro-active about your safety.
  11. When walking uptown at night, I stick my handbags in my Jansport backpack.
    So true, lol.
  12. I know EXACTLY how you feel (a similar thing happened to me last night acctually) Geeze the full moon must be out or something lol except i was on the train, I had an LV bag and I finished at 8, (didnt help that i was dressed head to toe designer. I had a big black bag that i use at times like this (for when it rains also and saving the vachetta) i went to the food court to get dinner and i put my lv bag away there so none of the passengers on the train acctually knew what was in the bag
  13. There is some truth to that statement, yes, but on the flipside, I don't think most people are criminals. In other words, you aren't expecting to be robbed, just like you wouldn't expect a robber to know the difference. I think the idea is to expect the unexpected where safety is concerned. :yes:
  14. I don't usually feel unsafe, even the rare occasion I'm in an unsafe area. . . .
    how many thugs really know what a Balenciaga is? Or an Hermes?
    They don't, it doesn't matter which bag you're carrying IMO, if they want to snatch it, they're going to.
  15. I usually carry a folded plastic shopping bag (a big Target one!) in my day bags ( which I use to protect my bags if I need to put them down on the floor). I would put my daybag in the carrier bag if I in any way felt unsafe openly displaying my bag. Not that this has happened yet.....