Do you feel pressured to buy items when attending an LV party??

  1. My friend asked me if I would like to go with her to a private holiday shopping event at LV. She is a regular customer, and I have never been to one of these parties. My question is, Do they expect you to make a small purchase? Although I love LV, it's hard to buy a pricey thing for myself because in all honesty, one LV accessory could buy a few (alot) items off my Christmans shopping list!! I just don't want to look like a fool or embarass my friend. Do they give out little holiday gifts during the private shopping events, or not? Thanks for the help.
  2. Nope, I never feel pressured. Sometimes I make a purchase, sometimes I don't; usually I just enjoy the atmosphere. :yes:
  3. Definately go to see what its like. Think it would be fun. Not sure if I will ever go to one so let those less fortunate tpfer's know what its like! Have fun, get dressed up, and soak up all the greatness!
  4. I got an invite today and the way the put sounds lilke lotsa fun!!
  5. how do you get invited to LV partys?
  6. I feel pressure within myself! LOL I get hyped up when others around me are buying....yes, I'm a shopaholic, so it's best for me to stay away!
  7. nope, its ok not to buy and it's quite fun! i guess it depends on the store if they give out gifts, i saw someone post a scented candle giveaway, and i received a xmas card with my picture inside.. just go and enjoy!!!
  8. no there's no pressure at all just go & have fun looking at all the eye candy
  9. I have never been able to go, I usually have to work. I didn't get an invite this year...
  10. No pressure to buy at all, they just want to entertain you and show you a good time; honestly! I was at my party last week and there were loads of people there just browsing and the SAs were all totally cool with that. Go, it is a fun opportunity and you will not feel pressured to buy, you will just have a wonderful time!
  11. :drinkup:
    I usually drink too much champagne at these events...
    then the bags somehow seem more affordable....:p
  12. LOL! I can so relate! :yes::roflmfao::upsidedown:
  13. I don't feel any pressure at all! The SAs are all too busy to exert any pressure because there's always someone buying something. I have only bought something at two events I've been to, the other times I just enjoy having a good catchup with SAs, and enjoy being surrounded by other LV lovers (and checking out LE bags I have never seen irl! :p). You should go and have a good time!
  14. Yeah I wanted to ask that question too. I got invited and the party is tomorrow.
  15. Umm, yes! I got invites to 2 different boutiques...have a feeling my bag fund will take a big hit next week.

    Anyways, no, I don't feel pressured to buy. I do have more fun buying then, because of the atmosphere, so I save some of my purchasing for the parties. Just go & have fun! Have lots appetizers & drinks & definitely soak in as much eyecandy as you can!