Do you feel poor already?

  1. I don't know about everyone else but spring is not even here yet and I already want soooo many things from the spring release! I am already spending the money in my head.

    All in all I am so pumped when the new stuff come out. How do you girls feel or this just me?

    Coach is really stepping it up.
  2. as long as i get a punch tote, i'll be happy.

    and a punch skinny. and maybe a wristlet...

    but that's it. after something pond.

  3. ^^ LOL!

    I know I want the Legacy Slim tote and hope it'll come out in whiskey. I like the Ergo tote or hobo but not 100% sure about it yet. I also want to see what the bags with the perfume bottles on them look like.
  4. Oh I know what you mean! I want soooo many things! But no money insight! loL! I really like the silver bag I saw! I must get that one though!
  5. I just want the Ergo tote so far. Not interested in anything else.
    I went to the Coach Boutique by me and they had an Ergo flyer
    which they pulled out so that I could see the bag in the various
    colors. The Tote comes in camel, white, a really nice blue and black.
    I am torn between the blue and black. Will probably go for the blue
    to add a punch of color to my wardrobe.
  6. I've already mentally spent all the money I put in my Coach account and I still want a few more things... my poor debit card is crying already!
  7. I am trying to limit myself to just the pond ergo tote ... I have so much other stuff I need (ie, want :biggrin:) to spend money on this year, I just don't think I'll have much lying around.
  8. I totally understand....since i'm "fairly" new to coach products ;) i'm waiting for spring/summer bags to hit the stores.

    I do not know where the money is coming from but i'm sure, time will time.
  9. Oh geez, I just looked at the updated coach site and i already want the following: signature shoulder stripe tote (brown or white), carly demi (nights out), leather gallery tote in black, soho metallic satchel, metallic wristlet, and my number one choice is the soho metallic hobo. Can you totally tell I am going for metallics right now?

    I want so many things and don't know where the funds are going to come from.:shame:
  10. I think we're sharing the same brain waves or something, because your list is really similar to what I want as well :p
  11. no actually. im quite glad that not a lot of the bags they have out are calling me. i like some of the accessories, but none that are high end so far! yay for that!
    it makes room for all the LV i have to get out of the way this year!!!:graucho:
  12. I'm better off than I expected! I found that the Legacy Slim Tote is now only coming out in natural and white so I'm holding out. The Ergo bags sound interesting so we'll see. Right now, I'm just waiting! (oh, but I do kinda like the Carly Demi!)
  13. Nope! Thankfully nothing whispered, talked, or yelled out to me. I can wait.
  14. All I need is the stuff on my wishlist and I will be happy!:yes:
    I have my whiskey and stripe bags!
    I am content...
    ...For now...:love: