Do you feel naked without your wedding band?

  1. When I first got my engangement ring it NEVER left my finger. It might as well have been superglued in place. However, when I added my wedding band on it become much more noticable. So I started taking them off at night. This progressed to me taking them off as soon as I walk into the house. Now there have been several occasions where I have forgot my rings at the house. As soon as I notice I dont have them I have a heart attack and either drive back to go get them or I mope around without them. I feel incomplete with out having them on my finger when I am leaving the house. How do you feel about your rings?

    Do you feel naked without them?
    Do you ever leave the house without them?

    For those of you that arent married - how do you think you would act with them?

  2. How funny..I had to drop my engagement ring and wedding band at the Jewelers 2 days ago ..and IM DYING..LMAO..its driving me nuts not to wear them!!! I feel like Im missing a body part!!!!
  3. i've been married for only a year this sunday & i hardly ever wear them! but i don't like wearing any jewelery, no watches, rings, necklaces, earrings.
  4. I never take them off except to clean them and sometimes if they're even just downstairs soaking I feel uncomfortable with that naked finger feeling and that sense that something is missing. If I left the house without them accidentally I'd go back.
  5. oooh i hate walking out without them. i feel like my finger is missing or something. i used to take them off to put lotion on but always forgot to put them back on then had an anxiety attack over it at work. it got to the point that i've stopped putting on lotion.
  6. In total agreement - I feel naked without them. But I rarely wear them at home. I couldn't wear them during my pregnancies, they just felt too tight, and I got clausterphobic. My hubby and I weren't married during my first pregnancy - so I wore them during my second and third pregnancies for as long as I could. At home my hands are in and out of the sink all the time... and dealing with the baby, I don't want to stab him!! But I always seem to throw them on when I am out the door!
  7. As a matter of fact, I'm not wearing mine right now! LOL

    I take all my jewelry off as soon as I get home. It gets in my way. But if I have to leave the house, and if I ever forget to put my rings back on, I hate the feeling!

    I like to at the very least be wearing my watch, earrings, and my ring. :smile:
  8. I feel the same as Lisa and JIll!
    I don't wear mine to bed, but I put them on anytime I leave the house. . . If I should forget I fly back home. I CANNOT stand to be w/o!
  9. I don't wear mine all the time but I feel naked if I don't wear any ring - thumb ring, pinky ring, etc out of the house.
  10. I hardly ever wear my wedding set tsk. tsk. I dont wear it around the house because I dont want to scratch my baby & I am always banging it on something. I try to put it on at least when I leave the house but more often than not I forget to.
  11. I totally feel naked without my e-ring and eternity band!!
    I take them off once I'm back at home, but I feel weird when I go out of the house without them on - same with my watch too.
  12. I also feel naked without my rings I only take them off at night reason being that the diamonds is set really high so I don't want to bang it or scratch my hubby with it but once I'm up and around it's on finger again.
  13. I only take mine off to clean it, then it's right back on again!
  14. I only take mine off to clean them too!
  15. Not married so I never had the experience, but for me when i need to take off a ring and keep it back on, i keep it on a necklace, like when i'm at the gym or at work. Or else I know if its not on my hand, around my neck or in my box i might as well fling it goodbye.