Do you feel like you HAVE to wear makeup everyday?

  1. I feel like I have to wear it. It's probably more of a habit or "armor".... but I feel like I really, really need it. I look like a ghost/corpse without it. I have really dark circles under my eyes and I need concealer.

    I am envious of those women who don't have to wear any! :P A friend of mine doesn't even own any makeup - just lip gloss. But she can get away with it... and it's funny because on the rare occasion where she might do her makeup, she actually looks better without it.
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  2. I actually don't wear any makeup to work and i honestly do think i look a mess.
    but i'm just too lazy and i suppose, never really incorporated it into my routine!

    I do have a strict face routine where I cleanse, tone, moisturise, eye cream, serum... the lot!

    I only wear eyeliner and that's only the past year. But i suppose as i don't wear any foundation, or any powder... my pores are clog-free so it's pretty much clear most days! Other than the odd spot here and there...
  3. A mod will probably move this to the makeup forum...

    No, not at all. I only wear mac fix plus, mascara, eyeliner (sometimes) and lipstick/gloss on my face everyday.

    I have even skin tone and no dark circles (amazing since I don't sleep much) so I don't feel like I need it.
  4. yes.

    i have extremely red cheeks/nose and dark blueish-purple circles under my eyes, it's mess. so i always put on foundation and concealer under my eyes. i use correcting powder too.

    i'm hitting 25 next month and i think it's probably about time i start buying skin products to slow the aging process but my family ages well too. my mom's in her 60's but looks like shes in her 40's. so i probably really wouldn't need to. i would have no idea where to begin with all these creams and serums!
  5. I do feel like I have to wear makeup everyday. I feel like my foundation gives my skin a more even appearance, and I feel better when I'm wearing makeup. Anything that's a self-confidence booster is a plus for me. Wearing makeup makes me feel a little more put-together, so I make time for it each and every day. Most days, I wear primer/concealer/foundation/powder, mascara, and something on my lips. That's about as much as I can squeeze in on work days.
  6. I don't feel I have to but I do most days and that's because I have accumulated a lot of makeup and I want to use it up.
  7. I'm too lazy to do a full face for work - so it's just E/S, L/S and concelaer with a little bit of mascara. On any other occaision I have a full face. I feel wayyyyyy better done up but I know I still look good without it - at least that's what DB says!
  8. No. I have decent enough skin, apart from it being quite dry. I guess I could go with mascara & brow product everyday with or without base, but my sparse brows & blonde lashes don't bother me that much. I'm much more likely to forgo makeup versus heavy duty skincare if I'm running late in the AM.

    However, I absolutely love makeup - so I am wearing it at least 70% of the time. But I am an all-or-nothing girl: I either wear a full face of nothing at all. None of this concealer-mascara-bare lids & cheeks-lipgloss nonsense :P!

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  9. no, i actually prefer natural, clean, hydrated skin over makeup
  10. I try to put makeup on everyday as I think I look much better with it, but sometimes I just don't have the time. The days I don't have the time, I just feel bleh without it. I find it a bit pathetic that I get so much confidence from these products, but I suppose there's worse things in life lol. I agree with you I sure would love to be one of those people who looks great without it!
  11. ^ I'm the same, if I don't have it on I feel schlubby lol. If I'm just around my house, then no I don't wear make up. But any type of outing (school, work, yes even the grocery store) I wear my full face. I always make sure I leave myself time to do my make up. I just feel like I look better with it, and I always say, you never know who you'll meet! I always want to look my 100% best, like I just came back from a Vogue shoot or something lol. I just get a nice feeling when I know that if anything unexpected came up (I'm 22, last minute texts to go clubbing etc happen a lot) I'm ready and look good to go anywhere and feel glamorous
  12. Well, it is often said that less is more, but as you get older, more is more - you just have to make it LOOK like less! In other words, my eyes aren't as wide and bright as a 22 year old, so a little liner and mascara helps a LOT, but looking painted is bad. Some tinted moisturizer really helps my skin look more even, but heavy makeup/spackle is bad. A little color on the lips helps make me look alive, but a thick coat of lipstick is aging.

    So I usually wear some makeup almost everywhere, but everyone thinks I wear next to nothing. If they saw me without ANY, they'd think I was dying.
  13. not at all. I only wear makeup when i go out somewhere nice w the BF or friends.
  14. I hardly ever wear makeup...I'm too lazy. I'm lucky I put my clothes on right side out before class in the morning. I'd probably poke my eyes out if I attempted to put mascara on in my pre-caffeine state.
  15. Yes if you are cute without most look thousands better with it. IMO
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