Do you feel like some bags are too heavy?


Dec 27, 2005
Last night I decided to switch purses. I have been carrying my LV neverfull and Speedy 30 for the past few weeks.
So I dug in my closet and took out purses I never ever use. I got a cute plaid Coach tote and it seemed a bit smaller than my Speedy but the handles were comfortable. I put all my things in then decided to close the zipper and the zipper broke-the piece you pull up to zip came right off the end but I think it is a easy fix. It looks like you can just put it back on. Since I wanted a purse with a zipper I took out my other 3 pastel large Coach totes and once I added my things to it the bag felt so heavy. They purse had a leather bottom and handles like the Speedy but it seemed so much heavier. I didn't want to carry it and the other 2 coaches were the exact same style in different colors. Then I thought my Mulburry Phobe (I think) which I only wore about 3 times in 3 years and this one is heavier than the others. I really need to sell it because I just don't like how heavy it was from day one. By this time I am getting a bit frustrated.....
So then it was back to the LV Speedy 30 and my purse feels pretty light to carry.
It just seemed like it was one of thosed days where nothing I tried was going to work for me.:crybaby: