Do you feel like some bags are too heavy?

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  1. Last night I decided to switch purses. I have been carrying my LV neverfull and Speedy 30 for the past few weeks.
    So I dug in my closet and took out purses I never ever use. I got a cute plaid Coach tote and it seemed a bit smaller than my Speedy but the handles were comfortable. I put all my things in then decided to close the zipper and the zipper broke-the piece you pull up to zip came right off the end but I think it is a easy fix. Since I wanted a purse with a zipper I took out my other two pastel large Coach totes and once I added my things to it the bag felt so heavy. They purse had a leather bottom and handles like the Speedy but it seemed so much heavier. I didn't want to carry it and the other 2 coaches were the exact same style in different colors. Then I thought my Mulburry Phobe (I think) which I only wore about 3 times in 3 years and this one is heavier than the others. I really need to sell it because I just don't like how heavy it was from day one. By this time I am getting a bit frustrated.....
    So then it was back to the LV Speedy 30 and my purse feels pretty light to carry.
    It just seemed like it was one of thosed days where nothing I tried was going to work for me.:crybaby:
  2. Yes I know exactly what you mean, I was starting to feel a little weary after a day of carrying my Birkin yesterday and Mulberry bags are just the same
  3. My wife picks up a handbag in the store and if it feels too heavy when it's empty she puts it right back down again.
  4. Certainly some of my bags I carry when I know I'm not going very far. Or for too long.
  5. I usually only notice right when I am switching from a lighter bag to a heavier one. After a day or so I become accustomed to the difference in weight and it doesn't bother me. Changing from a heavy bag to a light one can be disconcerting too, in a good way.
  6. I do the exact same thing! If a bag is heavy when it is empty, then it will be a bag of bricks when I put all my crap in it! It is a deal-breaker.
    When I was younger, I bought many bags that were way too heavy because I loved the way they looked (namely Marc Jacobs). Now, I am just not as willing to suffer for fashion. LOL!
    There are so many great lighter weight bags out there.
  7. I just got my first BULGA and although the style is gorgeous, it is soooo heavy!! I'm not sure what I want to do with the bag yet. It's the double compartment satchel in mod rose.
  8. I love the look of many of the Lockheart bags, but they are just too darn heavy for me.
  9. Absolutely!! I had to get rid of a Luella Giselle for just that reason. If it's empty and heavy, it's got to go!!
  10. My favourite bag at the moment is so heavy I can't really put a lot in it. It's very comfortable to carry, but it wears my shoulder out quickly. =( I still carry it regardles though, as I love it. =P
  11. I was shopping a few months back and saw a woven Cole Haan bag that an actress in a magazine had been toting (and looking cute too). I picked it up and it was the heaviest bag of that size I have ever held! :nogood: No way. If I have to use both hands to pick up an empty bag, it's too heavy. :rolleyes:

  12. Me too! The first time I picked up a Kooba I knew I'd never be buying one.
  13. I don't buy heavy bags period so I avoid anything with a lot of hardware or thick leather.

    ^laurie, i don't like kooba bags due to their heaviness but you should check out this season's elisha. it is really light.
  14. As far as I'm concerned, there is no such thing as heavy when it comes to handbags. Even my heaviest one is light compared to so many things I lift and carry.
    The bags I use most are the oversize totes, and I fill them with so much cargo it's insane. Ten or fifteen pounds of equipment and documents is (no exaggeration) routine. I actually enjoy lifting weights, too; so no, a handbag could just NEVER be too heavy for me.:okay:
  15. of the first things I do is to pick up the bag.....IF it feels heavy just w/the stuffing inside - than it's a deal breaker. I do have a couple of bags that get heavy when I load 'er up......BUT.....since I mostly do the "car thing" - I've bought 'em cuz they look SO GOOD. Yes, the vanity of it all - can you imagine - buying a bag cuz it's just good looking????? LOL LOL LO