Do you feel judged/awkward going into a luxury boutique with a bag from another?

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  1. I was you feel judged if you went into X luxury botique carrying a bag from a different luxury brand? What about if you were carrying something from a "less" exclusive brand? Do you feel you are not treated as nicely as if you were carrying something "fancier"?
  2. I've walked into hermes, wearing deadly ponies bags.
    And chanel wearing mulberry--plus vice versa.

    I do think clerks are trained to make a fuss over walk-ins wearing their brand.
    But I have not suffered any ill treatment not wearing.
    And am treated as nicely as I act, it seems.

    No store makes me feel awkward.
    All are just places which sell things, imo.
    I must be broken. ;)
  3. tPF members have wondered this for many years, and asked your same question. Suggest you do a search for similar threads.
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  4. Interesting question. I've walked into boutiques carrying a competitor's brand many times and in the past, even carried a contemporary brand. Can't say I've been judged negatively either way or maybe I just didn't notice since I wasn't looking for it? So far, I've always been treated with decency and respect.

    As far as feeling awkward, no, not at all. When I walk into a store, I already know exactly what I want so I don't end up wasting the SA's time. I also let the SA know right away of my intention to make a purchase that day. I don't know if these things were a factor or not but so far, so good.

    What I did notice (and this happened only twice) was I got praises when walking in the store carrying their brand. Whether those praises were genuine or not, I really could care less.:P It also helps when you walk in there with a good and enthusiastic attitude yourself.
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  5. I've gotten compliments when wearing the store's brand, some SAs will compliment any brand.

    There are some brands that I feel don't acknowledge you as quickly if not wearing their brand compared to someone wearing their brand. So some judgement from some brands.

    Do I feel awkward? No. I'm there to shop. If they refuse service simply because I am not wearing their brand that day, too bad, they lost a sale.

    What am I supposed to do? Switch bags every time I want to walk around the mall, in and out of multiple boutiques? Lol.
  6. I don't. I've walked into a Chanel boutique carrying a Michael Kors bag. I was there to look at fragrances that are not sold in department stores. I wasn't treated any differently.
    Now, the MK store was impressed that I carried MK wallet and make-up bag in my Chanel. What can I say? I wear what I like.
    Like a previous poster said, if I'm refused service, I go elsewhere.
  7. Don't feel awkward for not carrying brand X while shopping for brand X. If you wear brand A while inside brand X, don't ever feel ashamed. YOU were there to purchase or just look around to see a next time purchase. If workers make a big deal about that, walk out and give the business a bad review.

    But I do find if I have brand X on me while shopping in brand X, it does show sales associate to know I am deeply into the brand. But they shouldn't be too concern about it. Just help me with answers I have-if any, and If I want the item, I will buy it!
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  8. If one is indeed not treated as nicely then that would speak volumes as to the lack of experience of the SA, right?
  9. I was wearing my Bottega Veneta Sloane when I visited a Prada shop a few weeks ago and a SA complimented me on it, which was very nice and pleasant to hear :smile:
  10. Doesn't bother me....
  11. I went into MCM with my Goyard shopping bag and the SA talked about how they got a St Louis tote recently. I was picking up something I ordered anyways so I don't think they thought of it as a lost sale.
  12. This is an interesting topic. I guess I am not one to really pay much attention to what others (sales assoc.) may be thinking. But I would think that if the see you with any type of high quality designer bag then they know you are well versed in good quality. I'd think if they intend to make a sale they aren't going to say anything crazy lol.
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  13. I have on occasion. The SA at the MK store scoffed at my Coach bag. Not very smart, since they're in the same general price point and a customer who buys Coach quite likely buys MK too. I can't see the SAs at the Coach boutique mocking a MK bag.

    Also I went into one of the high-end department stores on Rodeo Dr (can't remember which one in particular, I went to all 3, NM, Saks and Barney's) and I had the distinct feeling I would have gotten more (or any) attention if I had been dressed more high end. I was wearing jeans and tennis shoes and probably using a Coach bag and I just remember seeing all the women with their BVs and Goyards and feeling like I would have been taken more seriously if I had looked like them. I don't know how much of that was reality and how much was just my perception, but I do remember feeling that way in that store. I've been in other locations of those same stores and didn't have any problems.
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  14. I was window shopping at Dior and the SA complimented my Balenciaga city with giant gold hardware. I was shocked she complimented it as I was holding and looking at an expensive Lady Dior at that moment. But she looked sincere and I appreciated the gesture.

    Other than that, I've never ever had my bag even mentioned in any boutique.
  15. I don't think you were imagining things. I dress very casually, so a lot of the time my bag is the only obvious luxury item on me. The last time I was in Saks Boston, I was carrying Longchamp, and no one paid any attention to me at all. When I'm carrying Hermes or LV, at least one (and often more than one) SA will approach me and ask if I need any help, if I want to start a room, etc. Longchamp le Pliage? Not. a. single. person. It was actually quite liberating, as I like to be left alone when I shop!
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