Do you feel guilty?


Mar 2, 2006
Do you feel guilty that the collective value of all the purseforum members' bags is probably more than the GNP of a thirdworld country? Spending thousands of dollars on a handbag, which will greatly help an indigent family can sometimes make me feel guilty. (of course, the operative word here is SOMETIMES!!!!!) I do give to charity and to my church. I even have funded the education of a couple of students, but I have to admit, the church of Louis Vuitton, the temple of Balenciaga and the shrine of Prada gets the chunk of my income! :nuts:


Jan 15, 2006
I don't feel guilty because it's not my fault and no one else here should either. It seems the people who are helping out seem to have more guilt than the people who have done wrong. Do I feel bad? Yes, so I donate to ym local church often.


easily amused
Mar 11, 2006
nope, not even a little bit. i put up with a lot and work VERY hard for my money...i can spend it as i please. sometimes that involves giving to charity, sometimes that means a new bag. :smile: i do feel guilty sometimes because $$$ i spend on bags/makeup/clothes for me is JUST for me, and my husband doesn't get to play. :smile: but then he buys a few computer games or something, and everything is ok again. :smile:


Feb 24, 2006
I remember a day before my 16th birthday my mom took me shopping (that's where i get it from) she bought me a great handbag and these really expensive shoes I couldn't be happier. I got home and then dad asked if I could go run an arrand with him and I jumped at the idea of wearing my new shoes out. On my way to the car I just stood there, my dad asked me what was wrong and I said I couldn't believe the cost of the shoes and how many people would be able to eat off of that money. He said " I like your way of thinking but even if you give up everything you have you wont change a thing" "just help when you can and enjoy what you work for". So that is how I feel.


Jan 17, 2006
Yeah, I do feel guilty sometimes. The money I spend on that bag, that I just have to have, could have gone to my toddlers college fund, a new house, a rainy day, a hungry child, etc. But, I think the guilt comes from how I was raised (extremely poor), seeing my parents struggle for everything they have and dying at an early age from depression and stress. Hopefully, I've used my upbringing in a positive way though, I'm enjoying life way more then they ever did and I always plan ahead!


Mar 1, 2006
No, I don't. I would if I took the money intended for my childrens clothes or something like that, but as it is I only spend what I can afford on bags or clothes for myself. If I can afford a nice bag, why should I feel guilty about it? The only time I really feel guilty would be when splurging on something and then not wearing it - that feels bad.


Well & truly Plumed
Feb 28, 2006
No, I never feel guilty. I worked hard to earn the money I spend. It's not as if my money alone could right the wrongs of poor countries, and I think that if I contribute with my energies and ressources in charitable endeavours, I am "entitled" to enjoy the fruit of my labour as well.
Just because there are people unhappy everywhere doesn't mean that I have to feel constantly bad because I was fortunate to be born to decent circumstances, have a decent job, etc.

I don't believe in feeling bad because of things that are beyond my control. Of course, if I had a big influence on the world (movie star, very very very rich), I'd feel the need to use my money or influence to try and do more things. For the time being, I do what I can on my level and enjoy myself as well.


Ladybug Lucy
Feb 13, 2006
I can't let myself feel guilty. I worked hard to get where I'm at today. Even though I get paid to work I know I'm helping people every day (I'm a nurse). I also don't live out of my means. Considering this I am more than OK with rewarding myself. I just can't feel guilty for things that are out of my control.


I Bleed Georgia Red
Oct 18, 2005
i earn, in the words of 'clueless,' "minor duckets at a thankless job," so i don't feel guilty. as long as you treat people well, do your part for charity, and don't judge others that can't afford the same things, there's no reason to be guilty. we all get a different lot in life, all you can do is make the best of yours.