Do you feel guilty

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  1. when you spend a thousand $$ + on a bag and hardly ever wear it? Goodness, I do.
  2. Well, I do have some major purchases that I hardly use (I'm afraid to scratch of scuff them). But I don't think that's anything to feel guilty about.

    As long as you know where they are, and you can appreciate them just by looking at them in your closet, why feel guilty? When you do break them out, they are worth it!

    I know certain ladies in this forum, though, who have valuable designer items in storage lockers (Noriko,:lol:). I'm not here to judge anyone, but that's a different story. But, they're just handbags - not puppies!
  3. I do sometimes feel guilty, but I get a lot of personal satisfaction just by being able to take it out of its dustbag and admire it for the art it is, so that makes up for not necessarily using it as much as I could.
  4. My only purchase in that range (so far!) has been the paddington, and I've carried it a lot since having it. I felt a little guilty putting my LV damier papillon away, but I carried that one the other day when I had to wear a suit for a work presentation, and I enjoyed carrying it :love:

    But don't feel guilty about not always using something you spent a lot of money on. Like supersaucy and chemlex said, sometimes I just take my bags out and admire them. In time it will get a lot of use :biggrin:
  5. ^^ I feel much the same way.

    I feel a tad guilty initially but that quickly diminishes when I see it and actually feel it on my shoulders.
  6. Do I feel guilty? No.

    Just thinking about each bag in my closet gives me shivers of happiness. I'll sometimes take a bag out of its dustcover and admire it, smell it, touch it, put it on. Maybe find a new outfit for it (not the other way around). It's so much fun and so satisfying.

    Think of the people who collect things like comic books or baseball cards. :amuse: They never ever get to fondle their goods like we can. :smile:
  7. Hell yes I feel guilty for a second.
  8. I think if you can afford it, you shouldn't feel guilty. But if buying a bag or (anything you can't afford for that matter) adds to your debt then yeah, a thousand + is a lot of money.
  9. Hell yes! So I sell the ones I don't wear and finance new ones.
  10. Nah LOL
  11. I have never felt guilty because I do use my bags but would if they sat in my closet.
  12. I don't like to think about it, so yes, I feel guilty. I have a jewellery passion too so I think of the thousands I could have spent on that ring or bracelet....that means I regret 2-3 bags at a time when I think that way. :sad:
  13. Not really guilty, but a little sad. So many bags, so little time (that's only cause I'm a new Mommy and I don't get to go out the door everyday).
  14. That's it!!! So many bags and only 7 days a week - It's not easy to pack different bags when I travel and most days are casual so the sportier bags get more use - My Chanel has yet to see the light of day - I guess I have to beef up my social agenda!!!!!!
  15. yyup, guilty, that's why i sell the ones i really don't use...