Do you feel guilty killing spiders?

  1. I do. :crybaby: I just killed a really big spider. It had furry fangs and it was actually rearing its head at me. I debated for a long time about how I could get it outside (which is what I usually try to do) but it was freakin' huge and poisonious-looking so I just sprayed it with bug spray. Poor thing. I feel really bad, he was just trying to make his own little spidery way, and I know all he wanted was a few bugs. I actually considered letting it just live in my room: I'll stay away from it, it could stay away from me.

    Anyway, I realize people are dying of starvation and this is no big deal. Well, RIP spider, sorry I had to stick it to you.
  2. Not even in the slightest my dear. They make my skin crawl!
  3. I cant kill them (because they are gross and disgusting) but I have my dogs or my husband do it for me. No guilt here.
  4. same here! :yes:
  5. I don't like spiders, they creep me out!! But, I always feel guilty about killing the poor little things!! :crybaby:
  6. I VERY afraid of spiders! But, I don't like to kill them. My hubby or daughter kill the big ones for me but if it's a little one, we try to just get them outside of the house.
  7. Nope. I read once that there's something like....its either 1 million spiders for every square metre, or 100,00 for every square foot......whichever, there are plenty of spiders around to replace the few I kill.
  8. I heard spiders crawl into your mouth at night when you sleep. Its probably microscopic ones but it still grosses me out.
  9. I actually do feel guilty, sometimes. This morning though I killed this huuuuuuuuge bug, no idea what it was...with the fireplace shovel!! I gave it a good smack twice, then scooped it up with the shovel and got rid of it. This thing was more of a monstor than a was the size of approximately four june bugs. hahah
  10. Oh, I totally understand feeling guilty about killing spiders (and all bugs). I get what you mean by him making his own little spidery way, I figure I don't have any more right to live than they do. There are times when I know it needs to be done for my own safety, or because maybe natural selection wants it that way. For example, spiders that build webs in my shower tend to wind up going down the drain. That's what they get for building a web in a shower. On the other hand, spiders that build webs on my window screens are quite welcome, because that's one more barrier to any bugs that want to get into my house. I hate killing critters , because I don't feel I have the right to take another life.
    That said, you were only defending yourself. If he was poisonous he could have killed you in self-defense, too. :shrugs:
  11. YES. This said, I'm terrified of spiders, so have a total existential crisis everytime I see one. I don't want to kill it, but am afraid to have it in my house. I usually try to trap it and carry it outside.

    One experience really shaped my attitude about this: I was home alone and encountered the biggest, fattest, fuzziest spider I'd ever seen. I flipped out and smooshed it with a shoe. Suddenly, dozens of tiny baby spiders exploded out of the dead body and started crawling around. Not only was this surreally horrifying to a spider-a-phobe like myself, but it also reminded me way too much of Charlotte's Web. I actually sprayed the babies w/ raid. I was crying...but I knew that I couldn't trap them all and I couldn't just leave hundreds of spiders to grow up right in the middle of my family room.
  12. I heard you shouldn't kill spiders because it messes up your karma. My dad usually will scoop them up and take them outside.
  13. LORD HAVE MERCY WHY did I come back to this thread?!?!?:Push: :throwup: ! If I EVER wake up with a spider in my mouth I would DROP DEAD! SERIOUSLY! I would just DIE right there. That sounds like something in a horror movie! :wtf:
  14. I only feel bad if they leave a stain on my wall..LOL..seriously..they freak me out..PHH has to clean them up after I kill them...They stay there till he gets home...NASTY...EEEWW!!
  15. Hahah awww your story is cute!

    But I dont feel guilty about killing spiders... I'm usually too scared to even get near them, so I someone else ends up killing em for me anyway.