Do you feel guilty after the purchase?

  1. Me n my hubby are well off but not filthy rich. We work hard for our money and the income is good.

    I can afford an LV but am not willing to spend so much $$$ for a bag BUT I buy whatever LV catches my fancy even without knowing the name of the LV bag. I try not to buy too often coz I feel guilty afterwards....and as much as possible I use the interest I earn from various bank placements to buy LV.

    I always feel I buy too much LV n Gucci bags....but why do I buy more LV bags??? I can't control my LV addiction, really!! Coz money from LV bags could've been used for vacations to exotic palaces or tuition for my children. Sigh, I'm sick...I hope I am not alone here.

    Do you feel the same way? Any advice will be welcome too! Thanks
  2. Until I find my self begging for $$$ to get an L.V. I think Im good..... no LV remorse for me yet.
  3. No, I never feel guilty. Me and hubby make a good living, our bills are paid on time etc. and we both agree that money is something that should be enjoyed. Of course the money I spend could be spent on more "useful" things but that can also be said for a lot of other things. Bags are useful to me as they make me happy! :yes:
  4. Yes I feel guilty. I use a lot of money on Lv´s and bf uses almost nothing.
  5. Yes, I feel some guilt because I should be saving instead of spending. Lately, I've been spending like crazy.
  6. Sometimes guilt.....hubby buys very little so that's mostly the guilt. But then again we have no kids (and no one but us & the dog to worry about) to put money away for ...and you can't take money with you when you the guilt eventually goes away!
  7. There's always going to be guilt.. that money could have been put towards something more "practical". But hey, what's more practical than happiness ! :graucho:
  8. Not yet... I've always had a good 'excuse'....

    One was because we were in Paris, - so of course, I have to get a bag.... it's about 30% less than in NZ.

    Then, sis found a bag for me in a consignment store. It was about a third of the price of retail, and looked brand new. DH bought it for me.

    For the third bag, I found it on an auction site. Got it checked out. It was 8 years old, but looked great. And a quarter of the retail price. Of course I HAD to get it. Trust me, I had no choice.... :rolleyes:

    And now, I've accepted a job that is paying more $$$, so of course I HAVE to reward myself with a new bag. After all, it's just a fraction of the extra I will be making. Hehehe....

    NO GUILT!!!

    Ask me again in a year... I may have run out of excuses....
  9. sometimes, but i get over it! LOL my bags make me sooooo happy!
  10. Me too :sad:
  11. no, I usually don't feel guilty...with many of my purchases, I have thought and thought about them for months, and I know for a fact that I really want them! I rarely buy on impulse, but I have a couple of times, but they have both been successful. Either I get a really good deal, or I know it's somthing that I will use over and over again. I'm am not wealthy, so I always put some careful thought into my that I don't feel guilty afterwards. and I always tell myself...Life is too short!
  12. I felt guilty after I bought the Le Tal...mainly because it cost so much but mostly because I wasn't in love with it...and then again when I bought the Suhali Lock it...and then I started to realize that I wasn't reay for Suhali...yet...
  13. Yes, I do. But, I feel that I have built a basic collection that I love. I have decided that I will limit myself to two bags per year. I should be saving more for retirement/ kids college, etc.:yes:
  14. My hubby has been a great provider and I'm so proud to say that bills are always paid and we have no debt at all. Since I gave birth, everything just changed for hubby and I. Our decisions revolve around our 8-month old daughter. Instead of buying that yummy handbag I've seen in eluxury, I put it aside. If there's a special occassion.. bday, anniversary etc... hubby buys me "pretty things" (hehehehe) I do feel guilty though.
  15. hell yeah...
    i feel guilty after purchases, but still "oops, i did it again"
    but i always re-assured my self that whenever i'm out of money or wants another bag, i still can sell one of my old bags and get money back.
    it's far better than buying a lot of 100$ bags and i know i can't sell them again whenever i'm bored with them.
    they'll just go to the trash or charity.