Do you feel embarass to use LV in front of your boss?

  1. Wondering if anyone has this feeling? I don't want my boss to see I am using brand name purses so that he/she will think I am making enough. There were several times I was using LV and got in the same elevator with my boss....I felt like I want to hide my bag:sweatdrop:
  2. this is funny because that's happened to me sooooooooooo many times in the past where i ended up just carrying a lesportsac to work instead! every time i brought my lv to work, i would sneak it in and put it in my drawer before he saw it. and then if he does, he would usually say "nice bag". :p i didn't want him to think i was making "that much" and "enough" to afford lv bags. i totally hear you on this.
  3. when i worked at churchs chicken i would never take my designer bags to work bc i felt that they might fire me bc i didnt "need" to work there. in the end they fired me anyways bc they were "over staffed"
  4. Yes I kind of feel weird. But she is into designer goods too so she is very complementary and we can end up talking about it. I bought a damier specifically so it won't be too showy, but she noticed it right away and knew it was LV, but it was all good. I had just received my bonus so I told her that it was my present to reward myself, and she was all for it!
  5. Totally the case with me. In fact, sad to say my supervisor (not boss) was on vacation last week and I was the only one in our department, so I made use of the 3 days I had and brought out all my bags and used them.

    I actually try to sneak in on other days by hiding it, or even sticking it into another bag - how sad is that. But then I've been harassed if I have a different umbrella/shirt/shoes whatever...they comb u over with a microscope and the last thing I need is for her to know what I am carrying because then she will begin calculating my finances which are none of her business!

    I have enjoyed my bags around the mall though...
  6. If I carried LV I wouldn't have that problem with my boss. I doubt if she even has any frame of reference for LV. Or anything else even remotely feminine.
  7. hahah i can totally relate... i wouldnt use a flashy one like MC to work... i usually will just carry a monogram one to work =P unless my boss is not in the office then i will carry something nicer (not saying my monogram one is not nice =P)
  8. Not me, in fact my boss carries LV! He does make comments every now and then, like "nice bag" or "look at all those LVs" or "have I seen that one before?"! All in all -- no bad motivation behind his comments. He definately is into looking good too! I would venture to say he likes that I carry LV! It is a good reflection on him!
  9. My boss has a mono French purse that she brings to work every day, but there's NO WAY I would ever bring a bag of mine to work! 1) I'm only part-time so it would be like, wtf? and 2) I don't work in the best part of town and I do non-profit work so it doesn't look good overall.
  10. Not embarassed at all. My current boss is male and probably wouldn't know what LV was it I sat the bag on his desk. :lol:
  11. I do for sure! Makes me feel so ugh
  12. Oh dear! I have been carrying my black MC Priscilla for the past couple days and I don't think it is too flashy at all and I do work in a professional environment.
  13. OMG yes!!!!!!!!!! I never carry anything remotely resembling a designer bag to work.

    Words I live by: NEVER dress better than your boss...

  14. No as I am the Boss:p I don't use LV for work as I usually have so much to carry and LV are yet to create a comfortable larger bag that you can walk with too:yes:
  15. Hmm...I feel a lit bit weird to use mono LV in front of my lecturer/supervisor...:sweatdrop: