Do you feel comfortable browsing at a LV store even

  1. when you don't plan to purchase anything that day? I want to check some things out but don't plan to buy anything until 6/1.

    I felt a little initimidated last time I was there. One SA was very friendly/helpful but the female SA just stood near me and stared. I felt like saying "I won't steal anything :P".

    Any suggestions on what to say so I can just browse without feeling pressure?
  2. Yeah, I browse about 90% of the time. Just like anywhere else.

    They stand like hawks around you to sell you something, less about being worried you may attempt to steal IMO.

    I wish they'd back off personally! LOL!
  3. You're shopping and buying something expensive, so browse away! I plan on going into the store to check out the new damier speedy and if I like it I will most likely buy from elux to save on tax. So, too bad for them with their hawk eyes.:blink:
  4. Definitely feel comfortable browsing. A lot of times the SA's don't want to be pushy/watch you like a hawk but they have to because that's how the company wants them to be. When I worked retail I hated to bother people who really just wanted to browse but we had to. :shame: But don't worry about just browsing! Most people don't buy every time they go there! I wish I could. :lol:
  5. yea i browse 90% of the time too... i feel super comfy just spending forever in there. lol. however, i feel rushed when the rest of the store is buying. i usually do my browsing on slow days.
  6. I normally don't go in unless i am buying something. Just to avoid that.
  7. I love browsing, i'm always sure to tell them that when i go in.
    I love going to see what's new :smile:
  8. Please. Sometimes I browse and sometimes I shop. Swanky is right, they act like hawks but I nip that in the bud pretty fast. I pretty much tell them that if I need them, I'll come look for them. They always get the point and let me shop/browse in peace.
  9. Good point I should try that, I just feel so guilty if I don't buy! :biggrin:
  10. When I go into the store, I make my intentions known right away...

    "My birthday is in September... I'm here to see what's currently available and to find out what might be available when I'm ready for my next purchase..."

    It breaks the tension and you don't have to feel bad when you have to give the items back to the SA. If the store isn't crowded, some SA's enjoy bringing out bags and talking about them. I have found some SA's are actually brutally honest about certain lines when they know you are just there to gather information.

    If I find the SA is particularly helpful, I take their card and use them for the purchase.
  11. I browse guilt free :cool:
  12. I thought they were a lot friendlier at the LV stores (and counter, in NM) than at Chanel. In one place they actually begged me to buy something (it was the last day of the month and she said she needed to make her quota!). Every place I went I made it clear that I was doing research for an upcoming bag purchase.
  13. Same here! :smile:
  14. i go in to browse, especially when new bags come out that i want look at and try on...when you shop regularly and get a regular SA they won't pressure you to buy and still welcome you browsing.
  15. Ditto :yes: