Do you feel classy and confident when carrying an LV?

  1. I'm a casual dresser since I run my own business at home and dont need to be all glammed up. Jeans and tank tops are staples in my wardrobe, not to mention flip flops too. I dont wear much jewelry except a watch and my engagement ring on regular days. Even if I wear these simple clothes, carrying an LV seems to add some sort of elegance to my casual look. I feel confident without trying to be fashionable. An LV bag completes the look. You guys feel that way?
  2. Yes, I'm like you casual and LV adds the zest! :tender:
  3. ITA.

    I feel classy and grown-up carrying my epi speedy and hip with my fuschia denim baggy.
  4. I totally agree. I dress VERY casual and I love to carry my LV. I think it adds something special.
  5. I feel lost without *some* accessoire, I didn't do that before I started carrying LV. The accessoire doesen't have to be LV though. For me, I feel *classy* or whatever depending on my entire outfit and attitude that day. A bag can't make you classy IMO, the poise combined with the outfit can. A "Trash classy" combination sometimes helps out bad moments though, like how an LV and an oversized pair of Dior sunnies really helps on that "walk of shame" home (no matter how your hair and face look LOL).
  6. The first day I took out my Neverfull (my first ever LV bag), I felt like a celebrity! I noticed other women in the mall turning around to get another look at my bag. No matter what I am wearing, I feel pulled together with my bag.
  7. As vain as it may sound... yes, I do feel more classy when carrying my black epi Alma. I get compliments all the time so that is definitely a confidence booster.

    *sigh* I am shallow and I love my designer items, but oh well :okay:
  8. Well sure, but I don't need to carry an LV to feel that way...but it helps!!
  9. I'm a stay at home of a 13 and two year old. My usual attire is shorts/jeans, top and flip flops. My LV's always spice up my wardrobe.
  10. I love louis vuitton and feel great carrying it.
  11. I've noticed that other women check me out more when I carry an LV bag, even though I don't own anything mono or obviously LV. I guess I do feel more pulled-together.
  12. There is a sophistication that I think the LV items add to your overall look. I love that they look just as good with a work outfit as they do with jeans a T.

    The versatility is really fun. And the adoring looks at my bag, she really likes those too :smile:
  13. no i feel classy and confident all the time. if i need a bag to do that then i need a better therapist.
  14. I'm in jeans and flipflops most of the time too, but love to carry my LVs to add a little somethin' somethin'. =)
  15. :tup: Same here. I feel classy and confident every day. LV is just the icing on my cake.