Do you feel bad when....

  1. Do you feel bad when you return an item to the boutique?? I purchased the silver Miroir pochette a little less than 2 weeks ago and have been contemplating returning it. I just can't justify the cost for something so small that doesn't hold very much (I could only fit a cles, razr phone, and lip gloss...that's it, w/o it bulging or looking bad). It's a gorgeous bag, just not very practical for me. I felt kinda guilty buying it in the first place, but it was so pretty. So I am going in the morning to return it, because tomorrow is the last day I can get my CC refund. I also waitlisted for the Amour scarf and found out how much it was ($570)...kinda pricey for a scarf not meant for the winter, and I am planning on removing myself from that waitlist. :s I do want to waitlist for some of the new bandeaus coming out--hopefully they don't think I'm too much of a pain in the a$$. I just feel kinda bad...oh well I guess. I just needed to vent.
  2. I think it's dissappointing more to me than to the store. I feel like LV has let me down when I need to return something. PM me about your pochette :graucho:
  3. Thanks mewlicious....I PMed you.
  4. I don't take making any return personally -why live with something you don't want out of guilt!!!

    It's part of the job, if u r concerned about the SA's well-being!!! :graucho:

    MY problem is actually making the return - I suck at that, seldom do I return anything for that reason.
  5. Don't feel bad-think of it this way- someone out there who loves the Miroir pochette and has been dying for one will buy it and enjoy it! (hopefully a tPF'er) and you can put your money towards something you will get more use out of. :yes:
  6. You shouldn't feel bad about it. If you're not completely happy with it, then there's no point of keeping it.
  7. No, don't feel bad at all, especiallay if it impacts your finanaces or anything along those lines.
  8. I feel bad about returning things to LV, although I don't do it often. I just returned my Pomme Roxbury because it was too small for me. My SA was so understanding and told me not to worry about it because someone else on the waiting list will be very happy. She told me she wanted me to be happy with all my LV purchases. How sweet is that?! Still felt guilty, though. LOL
  9. No. If i'm not happy with something, i'll return it b/c its too expesive to be not happy with it.
  10. Unless I buy something else, I feel more embarrassed (like I couldn't afford it in the first place :push: ) than I feel bad for my SA or LV for losing the sale.
  11. I'll probably end up getting a little something else....I always buy something when I go in there.
  12. Yeah lol. I agree with the above. I'd feel even more bad being stuck with something I don't completely love. So don't feel bad at all when returning things.. its just a way of life in retail. :biggrin:
  13. what are they going to look like?
  14. and btw, i was just thinking as to whether or not i should have purchased my silver pochette. i bought it when i saw a lady associated w/ my dad's company with it at a holiday party over christmas, and when i asked her about it i became obsessed with the idea of having one and that they were hard to when i actually found one i was like ... i want ... and just bought. now i want other stuff. like in pomme and perle, and the new damiers coming out...and i have only used my pochette once. although i do still love it. i just keep wanting more...
  15. The new ones are on are so cute, I bought the Etoile bandeau in blue today.