Do you feel bad if you..

  1. My SA just called me and told me about the Azur. She wants me to visit her and check out the Azur Line. I am not on the waiting list becauseI know I have big expenses before Christmas plus it's permanent rush..

    I like to have at least speedy from this line but not until next year. My DH think this azur line is washed off version of damier, look so albino..he's not fan of it. He likes the look of mini lin speedy. I am not getting mini lin speedy with my money that for sure...his gift is welcomed anytime lol

    My SA is super nice, I feel bad if I don't get anything but I am trying to save up $$ for other bags right now plus trip to Palm beach this month will take some chunk out of my bag allowance..:rolleyes:
    Azur isn't in my top priority right now...

    Do you feel bad if you don't get anything when your SA is so nice and do extra miles for you?

    I am not VIP in all means but we always give hugs anytime we see each others..she's so cool...
  2. I wouldn't feel bad at all.:P
  3. No I wouldn't feel bad...your SA seems to know you pretty well so if you don't get anything right now, I'm sure she knows that you will eventually get something!! That's so cool that you know each other that way and I'm sure you're always one of the first customers to get the inside scoop!!! :smile:
  4. Wow Nita, I wish I had an SA who would give me calls about new stuff.. haha
  5. Aww you are so sweet bagnbags!!

    Don't feel bad--maybe go in and take a look at them. I'm sure the SA will be fine if you don't get anything. You are such a loyal LV lover that I am sure she knows that you will be back soon to do some major damage!! :smile:
  6. ^ yeah..she's cool..she told me her schedule so I can see her ..
    Visiting LV always make me feel happy..:love: :love: ...

    I love to see other SA's face when she comes greets me..sometime other SA doesn't really "help" you lwith all their heart ( I got that feeling sometime)

    She's normally come to me after she's done with other customer...and ask other SA if it's ok for her to help me...
  7. Sounds like you have a good relationship with her.
    You are not a VIP, you know this, she knows this.

    You want the Speedy but next year and are looking to add other bags first, she'll get it !
    And she will still hug you !
  8. you could let her know that you'll be in after the holidays and that you are looking forward to seeing her. then, she knows you are still going to buy another bag, just not yet!
  9. :yes: i agree! i'm sure she will understand. your SA is great!
  10. ^Agree. You're lucky you have such a sweet SA.
  11. I feel ya...this is why I dont stick to one SA at all.....I dont want to have a "relationship" with them, it complicates things...even if they are willing to do special things for me....its too much of a hassle...and I believe that you can do most things without their help anywayz...

    Besides, its fun to experience all the different SAs and their attitudes....:lol:
  12. That was very nice of her but I wouldn't feel bad about it at all. You are expected to purchase every new item that comes out.
  13. OMG Bagsnbags she's soo sweeeet... wish i had one :sad:

    try visiting her and see the bags IRL.. u may like/dislike them and u can tell her the truth then , that u prefer to think anout it more or that u (may) didnt like it :smile: ....
  14. Nice to hear that you have such a great SA! I'm sure kindness begets kindness and seeing how considerate u r, I don't think she'll feel disappointed/upset at all...don't feel bad...she knows that when u do go down to her boutique, u'll be looking for her and buying stuff from her.
  15. Yes, I feel bad too. I also feel like I am cheating on her when I purchase through elux! LOL It's silly but she is soo sweet!