Do you feel bad carrying your handbags...

  1. I recently got my 1st Birkin at Christmas. I was thrilled to bits. But, 2 of my girlfriends have made snotty remarks like:
    "Do you know how many kids in Africa or other 3rd world countries could eat off the cost of that bag"
    "Only rich, old white woman carry those bags" (I'm African American)

    I was so upset.:cursing: :cursing: I love the bag:heart: , but I feel like when I'm with them I can't carry it.

    Do you every feel bad about carrying yours?
  2. Ignore them! They're rude, or jealous, or both. And IMO, they don't seem like great friends if they make remarks to you like that. You have every right to spend your money as you see fit.

    p.s.--If I see you around D.C., I promise to gush over your Birkin appropriately!
  3. Tell them to get lost. They're just jealous.
    You should feel GREAT when you carry those bags - and you WILL!
    They don't sound like nice girlfriends, they sound like catty b***hes.
    Enjoy your bag, you DESERVE it! Women who have CLASS carry those bags, regardless of their age or colour (what are these girls thinking of playing the racial card???)!
  4. just ignore them , some people are never happy to see others better off.u live once and enjoy what is rightfully urs
  5. I NEVER feel bad about carrying mine but I must admit that I don't use them when I know I'm going to be in a situation that might cause comments like that. I have to laugh because I can just hear those remarks coming from your friends....

    truth is DC-Cutie, I'm sure you more than deserve your bag and earned the money honestly to pay for it.....please don't let comments like these deter you from your enjoyment. We only go this road don't get another chance. Please tell you're friend that there are many famous African-American women carrying Hermes bags....the lovely Rachel Roy for one.

    (and I'm an old white woman...not rich by any means....loving my Hermes handbags AND giving to my favorite charities on a regular basis....:yes: )

    Here's to you and your beautiful BIRKIN!!! :yahoo:
  6. Thank you ladies, so much for understanding...

    My mom said to me (in her very cute, very southern voice) "They're just jealous or as you young people call 'em 'haters'";)
  7. I know what you mean, I'm still in college and I'm in a hippie town so I get comments like that too. I just say that I have done my own shares of donations and volunteeer work, and because it is my money, I am entitled to spending it however I please. Everyone spends a large amount on something that no one else would. I mean, I wouldn't spend hundreds on a cell phone but I know people who will spend $600-$800 on the thing and then scoff at me!
  8. Hmm.. what they say is true but obivously your aware of that situation too and you choose to buy a bag over something else because you love it!

    Don't let others get to you, or just keep quiet about the prices and stuff unless you know they won't judge you - then tell them the price!
  9. Oh DC-Cutie, Ignore that! I agree with your mom. I wear my bags (no Birkin though yet!) and my parents are actually from third-world countries. I know I'm a generous, good, charitable person, who works hard for the things she has!
  10. Don't listen to the haters, listen to your mom! Just enjoy! :yes:
  11. I agree....but perhaps if you explain to them that it's an investment and you love bags and are hurt by their NASTY remarks they'll back off...In my being over 40 now I feel it's nice to give people an opportunity to understand your feelings and perhaps a chance for them to CHANGE lol!! If not - find new friends!! You have all of us.....
  12. Oh, please. (To your friends, not you). I'm Black and carry any handbag I wish. No one knows what you do with the rest of your money...and it is none of their business.

    It's like this group in my social circle who have purchased hybrids and now feel like they need to lecture everyone who doesn't drive one. They don't know that I go out of my way to NOT buy food that hasn't been grown locally (flying and trucking food in from other cities / regions does major damage to our environment...even if drive to the store to buy it in a Prius)...nor do I go out of my way to explain that to them.

    And, having lived in the DC area (Laurel, MD), I know plenty of African-Americans that spend way more on cars, homes, and jewels than a Birkin bag costs. Those suburbs were like professional black conspicuous consumption central. If they want to help African children, suggest they make sure their VVS ice isn't a blood diamond. Tell them to google photos of children who work in the African diamond industry.

    Sorry, but this really gets my goat. How dare they make you feel bad. You wear your bag proudly.

  13. that sucks! sorry to hear they are so catty. you can kind of tell when someone isn't your friend when they say things like that. my friends surprisingly are supportive, as are my coworkers. even the guys, they're like, I dont' know much about bags but it's nice that you got something you're waiting for or i don't know much about bags but it looks nice :smile:

    enjoy it and wear it proud. hermes bags should transcend race.

    ^ good point about the african diamond trade! at least our bags weren't made by child labor!
  14. Don't feel bad, one issue really does not have anything to do with the other.
    Are your friends giving all their spare money to charity?
    Personally I have 3 charieties I am allways donating to, but I would be giving the same amt. regardless what my bags cost.
  15. They are not true friends, because true friends are either supportive or silent (most of the time!) Just smile and grit your teeth and change the subject-and enjoy carrying your bag!