Do you feel awkward using your Chanel around less fortunate friends?

  1. I have a couple friends who I know work hard to make ends meet. I feel a little guilty carrying my Chanel bag around them because I feel like I'm flaunting a luxury when they're trying hard just to survive. They are very classy girls and would never comment on this material manifestation of how differently we live our lives. Do any of you feel the same?
  2. Yes, there are certain times I don't carry certain bags. I do not bring Chanel into work. I only have a few pieces, but it just seems a little over the top for the physical therapy clinic. I do bring in my more discreet Fendi. Most fashion/purse unaware people don't know what a Spy bag is, everyone knows Chanel, even my husband before he met me.
    I do work with very well-to-do patients, however, and have seen patients walk into therapy in a full length mink coat, YSL muse, and Manolo's. Somehow I think it is different for our clients.
  3. interesting..............i will still carry maybe one, not more than 2, of my Chanels if i see the friend alot, will not flaunt my whole collection........
  4. Yes, I do sometimes. However, I do think everyone has different priorities and desires.
    I try not to let it get to me since I am at a point in my life where I have worked very hard & sacraficed to get to where I am at. I have a great career and I enjoy collecting handbags. It's my thing!
  5. I don't think about it any more. Some of my friends are much younger and much less established in their careers but I think they realize that I've worked long and hard to get to this point. Other friends just accept that I'm OTT when it comes to shoes and purses. For them, it's all about bargain shopping and discounts. I went through that phase and now I'd rather have fewer shoes and purses of the best quality.
  6. I do at times, really depend on what the financial status of my friends are, because i feel guilty for flashing off the bag and it may look like i wanna try making them feel low or sth
  7. Nah because my friends know me. They know I like handbags and that's not their thing. I don't feel the need to hide it from them for sure. They are the first to know I got something. Even before the PF.
  8. I don't make a big deal of it and don't ever point it out. I use tPF to flaunt my handbag goodies because it's so much fun to see and share.
    However, if my friends do notice and call attention to my bag, I just kindly say, "I'm addicted to expensive handbags like you wouldn't believe". Those that know me really well already know I'm a handbag junkie, and mainly I'm the brunt of the joke on how crazy I am to spend so much on a purse. So, I take that remark with humor because it just makes light of things when there is such a huge cash-influx gap. Hey, I was a poor university student at one time too.
  9. No, most of my friends do not recognize luxury handbags (maybe except LV)!! They just don't care about these things!!! !!
  10. Sometimes I think twice about using a bag that certain friends haven't seen yet, not because it would make them feel bad (I'm not sure if it would, though I bet they could afford them if they wanted to), but because they make a BIG DEAL when they see me carrying a new bag (at least new to them). They'll gasp or make comments like "WHOA" in front of their husbands or others, and it makes me uncomfortable because I sense they're not exactly happy for me, they're a bit competitive, actually. Obviously these are not my super close friends, and we're friends through my DH. I've had conversations w/ DH in regards to their attitudes before. SORRY, that was a BIG digression.
  11. No, I don't, but I never go out of my way to flaunt them.
    If I have to change myself to make them feel comfortable that means they aren't my friends. Are they trying to dress differently to make me feel more comfortable?
    Most agree that you don't take your $$$ Chanel bags to work, but now we can't wear them with friends? What time does that leave? When I'm going to lunch alone or hanging out with DH? What if I run into friends while out?

    Bottom line, my friends and their hobbies, income and what they choose to buy or can/can't afford isn't my problem and I refuse to take their possible insecurities into account when I get dressed in the morning.
  12. Nope. My friends are interested in my bags (probably for the sole reason they want to see what is it that is worth all the $$$) and I'm known as the crazy obsessed one...they don't share my appreciated for handbags so they aren't bothered by it and I'm not bothered by the fact that they think I'm crazy! lol
  13. Most of my friends don't "get" my love of handbags....they kind of look at it as a quirk or off the wall trait. They know it is my thing, but that's about it. I do know that they would not want me to feel bad about what I spend my money on. But I do understand why you would not want to call attention to the amount you may have spent on a bag, while your friend is having a hard time trying to pay the electric bill. Very considerate of you, imo.
  14. Sometimes I do. I usually play the bag down when its brought up in conversation, and started up by some of my friends.

    I have to admit that many of my friends don't have the same appreciation for the bags we tend to drool over in the forum.
  15. Nope, they all know I am crazy for bags. They spend their money on other things I might not so it is all good!