Do you ever?

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  1. Wake up craving a bag that you weren't even thinking about just a few days before??? :nuts:
    I woke up this morning wanting a black canvas/leather Garden Party!!! Maybe it was the photo of HLS in the Socialites thread (page 11) invading my subconscious as I slept but now I *want* one.

    *Adds another bag to the want list* :lol:
  2. Haha, I always practice the if you see something and can't stop thinking about it two days later- BUY IT!

  3. looks like u better get one:graucho:
  4. At least that's one of the **lesser** costing H bags lol!
  5. ^^ yeah to DH's relief. :graucho: Uma, your black GPT is at fault!!! :love:

    <<and my new pocket square would look so cute on a black bag. *sigh* ;)
  6. I have the same philosophy too:nuts: .
  7. All the time CB!!! I wake up wanting one bag and go to sleep dreaming of another H bag - lol!
  8. Get It!
  9. Thanks Pelinaka! Makes me feel better to know I'm not the only one!!! :sweatdrop:

    I can't get anything else until this i'm just dreaming for now! ;)
  10. YES!!!!!!!
    Umas garden party got under my skin, too.
    I always think, how practical and useful it would be. The green one on eBay now is so pretty.
    Never mind that I am well supplied with other totes of all kinds.
    I NEEEEEEEEEEED a GP. I have a sickness.

  11. i wake up dreaming about H bags everyday.......nothing in specific but anything bearing the big H logo! LOL
  12. you're not the only one!
  13. Most definitely.:nuts: :nuts: :graucho:
  14. Yup, everytime I boot up TPF I see something I like being modeled in the Hermes in Action thread that I never thought I would like and wake up thinking about it!
  15. nope.:supacool: