Do you ever?

  1. Just kind of curious...Do you ever go home and play with your bags? I was thinking tonight I may go home (I am a little under the weather) and play with all my bags. I think I may take some new pictures and try to pose with some of them... Is this odd? (what great friday night activity...when husband is gone and it is just me and my son) and I am bored:shrugs:

    I know there was a thread about modeling bags...but do you ever pose them and re-arrange where they are? Then take pictures with them...I am odd...:sad: I guess:roflmfao:
  2. Um... Personally, I think it's not odd. :P

    I ususlly do that with all my jeans ( not bag, of cause) when I 've my mood swings..

    or it's only me..??:confused1:
  3. Oh good 2 people who do this! Yeah we are not alone!:yahoo:
  4. I don't think it's weird at all. Sometimes you even find a bag (or wallet) you've completely forgotten about.

    Here's my weird confession/obsession: I like to count all my bags (or shoes) as I'm falling asleep!
  5. No, you are not odd. I was thinking about going home and modeling with my bags. :P
  6. Show us the pics and I'll let you know if you're odd or not:graucho: :P LOL, I must admit I do "play" with them sometimes:shame:
  7. I do not think this is odd at all.
  8. LOL..not odd at all..Now I am taking a break from arranging my closet..I've been playing around with my bags today
  9. I don't think its odd at all! I take mine out..and look at them frequently. Its hard to explain to those who are not interested...but there is a huge amount of joy I get from my collection. After I purchase a new bag...I find myself planning for the next buy. Some may say..thats odd and addiction...but I call it passion.
  10. I don't think its spend so much money on the bags, you should definitely get enjoyment out of them:smile:
  11. I go home and look in the mirror with my bag on, then choose another bag and repeat the cycle :smile:
  12. Thank you all! I am truely at the right site! ~ I would never have admitted that to anyone other than all of you!

    Thank you for giving me my piece of mind...maybe tonight I will post them for you...:nuts: :graucho:
  13. are you kidding? I only wish I had more time to do that!
    we all have the same disease here don't ya know...
  14. Oh yes! I'm so exhausted at night, that I go home and get out one or two bags and take them with me from room to room and just look at them. I love playing with wallets and bags and all the little accessories with each one. I just love looking at them too, just the visual stimulation. I actually slept with my Shirley last night.... haha... can't believe I finally have white MC! I am soooo thrilled! U R NOT ALONE!
  15. sometimes i take out the bags that i haven't used in a long time and just stare and stare at them. i actually inspect every nook and cranny of the bag; it just gives me an enormous sense of gratification :lol: