Do you ever...

  1. read a thread based on who has responded? hehe I mean, not to sound stalkerish, but alot of times I'll read something specifically because I know that particular person says interesting things. I mean, I'd read it anyways, but I want to know what they say. :lol: :lol:
  2. I don't find that the case. However, I do find that I am more inclined to read some threads based upon who the op is.
  3. I tend to read more threads who are started by people who I like on the community, rather than who has already responded to it :smile:
  4. This place has grown so much lately!!! Sometimes I do read based on who responded last if its someone I know!!! (well, recognize!!) Months ago I was familiar with so many names!!! Now there are SO many new ones!! Its all still fun though.
  5. i read soething i may not be interested in if the actual poster is a 'friend;' and someone i read alot from..
  6. I usually read somthing based on the thread topic.
  7. Nope. I read it only if the threat title perked my interest.
  8. Me, too, I usually answer if the title is exciting.
  9. Same here.
  10. I read it too if the title sparks my interest
  11. I barely look at who the OP or last poster was...I'm looking for catchy thread titles!
  12. Same here !:yes:
  13. LOL well me too!! but sometimes there is added interest because there are a few peeps who's views I really respect, some people who will say something controversial, and like someone else said, sometimes it's "friends". KWIM?
    Obviously we read most threads based on the subject matter, but just as an aside??
  14. Topic title grabs me first and only usually, I almost never look to see who srote it or who responded.
    Once in a blue moon if I see someone that's normally combative or someone that I usually agree w/ respond to soemthing that I wouldn't normally look at, I'll open it.
  15. I'm also drawn to the threads with the padlocks on them. I'm usually curious to find out why they're closed.