Do you ever...

  1. Get so hooked to a certain show that you live by it- want to be part of it- and when it is over, you wish your life was the actual show??

    I wonder if that makes sense at all (seeing that it is 2:30 am and all). But I feel that way about Grey's Anatomy right now!! :upsidedown: Vlad downloaded season 2 for me and I am so hooked that I can not stop watching it and wish I were one of the surgical interns!!! I'm going crazy, right?! :girlsigh:
  2. I am like that for many shows! You are not alone
  3. Megs, I completely understand you! I see that you are ok after Ernesto Thank the Lord! I LOVE Grey's Anatomy!!!!!! I have not missed an episode!! I was like that to with Desperate Housewives, but then second season got boring!
  4. No, you're not alone. I was that way with "Queer as Folks".
  5. Megs ~ Definitely!!! :smile: You Get So Hooked....You Feel You Part Of The Show!!! I Do It, Too!!!! :smile:
  6. I can totally feel you about grey's anatomy! I was hooked big time and worse thing is that I could not get all season 2 so I only saw around 20 I think and I would die to see the rest!:nuts:

    In Cyprus they do not even show it on TV:yucky:
  7. I thought I was the only nutter who felt like this!:lol: I get this way over certain movies, too.
  8. I agree with you Megs! Grey's Anatomy is such an awesome show...I cannot wait for it to come back!
  9. Megs...look for the guy with the penis problem (the one night stand of meredith) Tthe episode that played around thanksgiving last year...That's my cousin!
  10. ^ Is it really?!?! HAHAHAHAHA :roflmfao: I am so jealous of him!!!!!!!!! Is he an actor or was this just by chance? Can he help me meet McDreamy?!?!?! I just watched the episode with McSteamy... ahhh!! :love: :love:

    What an embarassing problem for your cousin!!! HAHA... but such a funny episode! I just watched it last night :wlae:
  11. He's an up and coming actor (and my first cousin) Sunkrish Bala! My mother's brother's son...We're very close, I'm a few years older than him and totally worshipped him when he was a baby, he was soooo cute and smart. His family actually lived with my family for a couple of years, so he's like my lil bro. he's only 21 but he played much older in this episode...they didn't tell him the plot until a couple of days before he was to shoot the scenes and he almost backed out (saying "my mother wouldn't be too comfortable with this!" ) but his agent convinced him to do it because 1) It's such an insanely popular show and 2) it was a really "meaty" role (pardon the pun!!!) for someone who's just starting out. That weekend was a big weekend for him becuase he was on Will and Grace for a small part as Will's boss at a non profit organization and this episodes of Grey's...We're all so proud of him! Even though we teased the living crap out of him. It's really exciting! He said sandra Oh and meredith were really nice.

    When the episode aired, my cousin's mom (my aunt) said mildly "If this is what doctors do when they have five or ten minutes off,(meaning all the quickies etc) i'm scared to get sick!" hehe

    Megs it was just a one episode thing, but I'll let you know if he does another one ...
  12. Forgot to mention...he's filming a pilot now for a new show on ABC called "Notes From the Underbelly" about a pregnant couple and their friends...he plays one of the friends...look for it in September!!!
  13. Not that so much as I actually feel like thy're my friends or something ! LOL!
    Like after the show, I think about the story a lot as if I can offer advice or whatever to them! LOL!

    It's sounds SO geeky, but these stories can really stick w/ you and the characters are so well written they actually ake you care about them!
  14. I think millions of women felt that way about "Sex in the City!"
  15. I still have to rent the DVD for that show. I've only caught a few eps here and there ... hopefully it won't make my bag addiction worse:P

    I hadn't watched "Grey's Anatomy" yet, but I've heard lots of good things about it. My sis is a big fan of that show.