Do you ever...

  1. Sleep less and less each day because you spend either late nights or early mornings looking at LV?

    During the summer I work at nighttime in a restaurant so I usually get home at around 12 AM, and when I first got into buying on eBay I usually slept at around 1-2 AM, but ever since I got into LV, I've been spending an extra 2-3 hours per night on LV stuff...such as posting on this forum :angel:

    Anyone stay up late/wake up early because of elux, etc?
  2. Me too, I do the same thing, the other night I was up to 3 o'clock in the morning on this site and on Ebay looking at LV luggage. lol
  3. Yup. It's either staying late on this forum :heart: or looking for LV pics on the net... :biggrin:

    So my usual bed time is about 4... lol.
  4. Me's been getting worse lately...first it was around 3 AM, now it's never before 4 AM and the night before last night it was 4:30...

    I better fix this before I start University of else I'd be in bigggg trouble!!!
  5. :yes: if I need to stay up, I hit PF or luxury sites. I recently found myself staying up til 2am shopping. And I am not a night person. Usually in bed by 9-930pm. I have never been on Speed, but I believe that is what is feels like. I have to force myself to close the browser:lol:
  6. It was the same for me over the last months, but it calmed down...
  7. Yes. ooooh yes. But it's been a little better lately, since elux is down for me. But I love looking at LV, so it's all good :heart:
  8. I'm not so bad but then again I do often dream about LV!!
  9. At work (I sit at a desk), I am constantly on this forum
  10. Me too! It is addicting!
  11. No, I do not stay up later to spend time on the internet. I must have my sleep.:nuts:
  12. Yup. Very bad especially now we're shifting back to our regular hours, which means I have to get to work earlier.
  13. Yup I spend alot of hours at TPF, ebay and other sites with purses.
    just being in this forum and watching nice purses online calms my nerves.
  14. Yes :sad: I have been going to bed around 3-4 am in the morning b/c I am on here posting and reading.
  15. I spend way too much time on this forum and online department stores checking out bags. I may be out of control. It's the last thing I think about before bed and the first thing in the morning. That can't be normal. Smith, how do you do it?