do you ever...

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  1. read your really old posts and think about how differently you sound now? of course, this might not be relevant for someone who has recently joined. i was bored last night, clicked on the last page of my posts, and thought about how clueless handbags-wise i was! now i'm a spending fiend sprouting off handbags facts and opinions left and right!

    how about you? people change everyday out in the real world. does that reflect in your posts at all?
  2. yes. definitely. i can't relate entirely in regards to tpf but i've had a blog since 8th grade and i'm now in my second year of college. going back and reading the first couple of years of my posts is absolutely crazy because it's like reading the entries of an entirely different person. i was such a depressivly angsty teen. oh the woes of a young adolescent.

    in regards to tpf i can say that in the 2 months i've been a member i've learned A LOT. particularly about Balenciaga bags as that's the forum i tend to dwell in. when i started out i was a total newb and didn't know the first thing about them. and now i'm giving out advice and identifying different bags and colors. it's nuts!
  3. how do you read your old posts?
  4. click on your username, go down to "find more posts by [your username here]."
  5. I always think I sound stupid when I read my posts (old or new), but yeah... When somebody bumps an old thread and I see my posts I'm just like "whaaaat? :shame:"
  6. LOL I always think the same about my posts. Even some from like last week I'm like 'why did I say that?!' :shame:
  7. I feel stupid when I think back to some of the things I did at the age of 8!
    And then I laugh at them.
  8. I've posted the most on mua(been there for 5 years)and I remember thinking that I would NEVAH pay 200 dollars for a pair of flats or any more on a bag than I'd spent on LV's years and years ago.
    What a flamin' fool I was!! lol
  9. Yep me too:P
  10. Me too!
  11. I do that all the time! If Im suuuuper bored Ill look at my old posts and think "Wtf? Whyd I put that?" I always feel so wierd after I look at mine.
  12. YES! Omg when I first joined i sounded so different if that makes sense. at least to me anyway.
  13. i haven't gone as far as to go to the coach forum and look up stuff i used to write about but i came across an old Dooney post i made. buh. hehe....

    anyway, yes i absolutely know what you mean, i sound like a completely different person... i like all kinds of things i didn't like before, and all the things i lked before are old news! woo how a year can change a gal! thanks TPF!
  14. I'm not even going to look at my old posts, they'd probably make me cringe..I know I've changed my mind about a lot of bags over the last couple of years...
  15. lol, yes :smile: