Do you ever wonder?

  1. Do you ever wonder.........

    when you are shopping and spot other girls with Hermes, LV, Chanel, other high end bags, if they are members here? Do you ever have an itch to ask them? Or am I the silly one out here?:wlae:
  2. I do wonder that! We need a T-shirt or something!
  3. LOL, wouldn't that be funny!
  4. LOL That would be cute!!
  5. Lol..I wouldn't want to advertise our "secret" spot haha. :lol:
  6. TPF addicts
  7. I totally agree! ;) We should have some sort of secret hand code we flash inside botiques
  8. ^^ or maybe a necklace or bracelet or something fashionable/wearable?

    hehe. it would be so cool.
  9. ^ or a little pin!
  10. Or a little charm to hang on our bags!
  11. i'm pretty sure like two members here made bag charms for tpf
  12. i do wonder sometimes.. since southern california has so much of us now! haha. i do this when i drive around and see other modified accords and wonder if i know them or vice versa.. we have a small sticker decal we have on our cars so it's easily identifiable.. but for purse stuff.. i think the only way is with a charm or tshirt.. haha..
  13. hahah i do this ALL THE TIME! esp when im at the mall!!

    TPF should have tshirts.

    VLAD,megs!! can u guys get tshirts???

    i would sooo sport it at the mall!!! lol
  14. Always wonder. Met a member yesterday for the first time and it was really cool. She complimented my bag - a Chanel cruise cabas - and called it the baby cabas, which is strictly a PF name!