Do you ever wonder...

  1. how something is made??

    Last night I had a yucky time trying to fall asleep...and for some reason I was wondering how they make toilet paper and get it on the roll.

    Other times I marvel at bridges (for example San Fran's Bay Bridge) and how they build them.

    Skyscrapers amaze me (my Legos always eventually fell over when I was a kid).

    Oddly enough...fax machines & telephones. Just crazy how something can take place instantaneously, but is going through wires a bazillion miles away.

    Fireflys....glowing butts? What purpose does that serve and how do they glow?

    Those are just a few...I mean I'm not OCD about these...but just wonder sometimes. It might be the geek in me that wishes I had taken an engineering class to figure out the bridge/skyscraper thing!
  2. ^^ I know what you mean

    For the example how the internet works completely baffles me - I just don't understand where the information is kept!

    If anyone can give me a simple explanation to it - I would appreciate it!
  3. LOL That is another one of my wonders!
  4. I know what you mean!!

    I'm the type of person who:

    - doesn't understand the concept of Space. How can it never end? It has to somewhere, if not - then where does it go?????

    - wonders if everybody sees things the same. Meaning: when I say that the sky is blue, and you agree. But is what I see as blue the same thing as you see as blue? Or is what you see as blue what I see as red?
  5. ok mine is simple but i was happily eating my jello yesterday... then the guys at work told me it was made from horse hooves!! wtf? :throwup:

    so i googled it.. and hey.. gelatin is made from all the left over parts- bones, skin, skin between the horse's nose... all grinded up and made into powder that we use to make jello.

    :shrugs: who would have known!!
  6. I wonder weird stuff too like the origin of language....if cavemen stared at something and uttered a sound to it.

    Or tracing the very beginning of an internet connection. Something abstract like that confuses me at times.
  7. OMG, the visual:wtf: :throwup: . Unfortunately, I still :heart: the stuff and probably eat it many more times minus the visual:wtf:, of course.
  8. I love stuff like this. A few quick answers:
    Fireflies glow to communicate and find mates. If you flash a greenish light in an area with a lot of fireflies, they'll flash back. It's like bird calls sort of a "here I am, where are you?"
    The internet: all of the data on the internet is held on a computer somewhere. When you access a web page, you are indirectly accessing a computer's hard drive, and it is sending you a bunch of text that tells your computer what to display, and where to find things like movies, sounds and images. I think maybe that just made things more complicated, rather than simpler. Sorry. :shrugs:
    Gelatin: IIRC, most gelatin is not animal-derived anymore, since it can be cheaply and easily produced artificially. Gelatin is a chemical variation of collagen, the protein that makes up a lot of our skeletal system, fingernails, and hair. Horse hooves are essentially just really big toenails, and are almost entirely collagen. When you take collagen and heat it up, then cool it back down again, the molecular structure changes and it turns into gelatin.

    And space totally messes with my head, too. I simply can't comprehend it.
    I never thought about toilet paper before, now I'm pondering it, too!
  9. My parents gave me this tape called "The history of how things were made" (I think that's the title) It was fascinating. Like the toilet paper invention. It used to be leaves, then people tore sheets from mail order catalogs- it was always in flat sheets- then in the 1800's it was on a roll. Toliet Trivia!
    I love to ponder over things like you did last night. The fax machine is amazing and I've wondered about that too.
  10. I have always wondered how computers create a display ... I mean the motherboard just looks like a potato chip with apliques on it ... how does it run games and crate images ... how does it take electric current and turn it into data.....but i also have nooo idea how airplanes don't just FALLLLLL out of the sky ..... I majored in musical theatre albeit:smile:
  11. I saw a mechanical computer made out of tinker toys at the computer museum in Boston. It plays tic-tac-toe. I still can't understand how it works. I get that it relies on a large number of on/off switches (much like the human brain), but that's as far as I go before totally getting lost in the complexity of it. Bah.
    Here's a link to an article about the tinker toy computer:
  12. You would probably like a show called "How It's Made" sister watches it on the Discovery Network and it shows how a whole bunch of stuff is made...everything from jellybeans & chocolate to skyscrapers...very interesting show :smile:
  13. Wow! You are so not alone. I often get those crazy thoughts in my heads and have to shake them out in order not to go a little nuts. The space one especially!

    A tinker toy computer!?!?! ACK! One more thing to ponder.
  14. yes! I wonder about all things mentioned above! bridges trip me out. the engineering genius that it takes to suspend something like this:


    and how the hell do they fit 10,000 songs on my iPod!?!?
  15. I was just going to say that! My brother likes watching it (science nerd) and sometimes I watch it with him. It is very interesting to see how things are made and how we take things for granted sometimes.