do you ever wonder what the heck people do

  1. oh dear....doesn't look like a bucket anymore and what the heck happened to the inside?!? :wtf:
  2. << what the heck happened to the inside?!? :wtf: >>

    Slit to hide something behind the lining?
  3. It looks like it was attacked by a wild animal.
  4. Someone actually bought it!
  5. Oh poor bag!! what a shame :crybaby:that was a bad LV mother..

  6. :nuts: You just made me giggle!:wtf:
  7. :wtf: 127 for that inner monstrosity!?!
  8. I wouldn't take that for free.
  9. The owner got hungry? :shrugs:
  10. Oh looks like it went through the garbage disposal.
  11. Yeah.... it hurt whenever I saw this auction the other day!!! :crybaby:
  12. I'm all for fixing up bags, and even though I know that the lining can be repaired...I'd be so ashamed to bring it to the boutique...
  13. Ouch. Poor thing.
  14. LOL. Maybe their cat/dog used the bag as a chew toy!