Do you ever wonder if your ex lovers still think about you?

  1. :love: Do Ya ?
  2. Sometimes I do...especially since my current husband is the manager of one my ex boyfriends. I dated my ex for around 3 years, about 1 year into our relationship a retail store opened in our mall, he started working there. Well my husband started working there about a year after my ex started there. Things were not going well for me and the ex....I decided that the new guy (my husband) seemed like a better prospect.

    Things are little weird sometimes...since my husband was premoted to the assistant manager position and is now my ex's boss. It's taken almost 2 1/2 years for me and the ex to get past that weird feeling, but at least he'll finally talk to me.

    (My response isn't so much about what my ex lover thinks about me in the sexual aspect, but more about how he views me and my new relationship.)
  3. Nope, cant say I have
  4. Not really. But I think it's normal every so often to think 'wonder what they are up to'
  5. sure, sometimes.
  6. yup/// i always wonder
  7. Yes, actually I do wonder about that
  8. I suppose that they must. I mean, I sometimes have thoughts about my exes, so they surely must have some memories/thoughts about us that crop up ocassionally. Although, saying that, me exes were so dumb, I am not sure they were blessed with too many thinking genes ;)
  9. :yes::yes::yes::yes:TA

  10. hahahaa love it
  11. nope!
  12. I am sure they do -- some of them call every couple of years to see what I am up to.
  13. I only wonder about the guys from high school. Not any that I dated after that. Weird, huh?
  14. Not so much my exes, but I do wonder about the crushes-never-asked-out. :winkiss:
  15. I wish he wouldn't.
    For the longest time he was posting crap on his zoints profile about me, and how he was so in love with his ex still. Mom told me all about it, since I refused to look. The other ex was calling a few times a year until I finally changed my number. So I guess I know they do.