Do you ever wonder if your City is too heavy???

  1. So I just got a Black City (Thanks Dani) that I love! But after putting all of my stuff in it, it feels really heavy?? I'm worried the leather might rip, or the handles or something? Has anyone had any problems with this? Also it kind of looks stuffed...can anyone show me a picture of their City full? I'm worried mine looks to stuffed. I love the City, and I like the Work but it doesn't have a strap, and the Part Time looks weird to me. Help me out here ladies! I'm stressing!
  2. I typically don't stuff the City enough to make it truly heavy, but for a while I was carrying around the November (or maybe October?) issue of Vogue that was about 3 inches thick and, I swear, had to weigh about ten pounds on it's own. That made the City feel really heavy in the crook of my arm, but I didn't notice any damage or wear to the bag.
  3. Thank you! Its not stuffed to the point of no return. I still have room, I just feel like its kinda making the bag look wide if that makes sense.
  4. I, too, worried about the weight of my bag when I filled it. However irrational my concern might be, I feared that it might rip. I especially worry about my new Day, for it only has two places to attach the handles as opposed to the City's four. So far so good, though! I carry a lot of things in my bags, and they're doing well.
  5. don't worry - that leather will not rip!!! at least, not from being over stuffed! remember, it has the canvas lining also, so unless you're carrying something super sharp and heavy, like a 20 pound pair of scissors, it will be okay! i don't know how much you put in your bag, but maybe you need to tone it down if it's feeling so heavy - these bags are really lightweight - unless you have the SGH/GH. if you want to feel less lopsided, maybe you need to downsize your load! :yes:
  6. I had two law journals stashed in my Work for a week so I could try and stretch the handles, and my bag survived :p

    The 2 books weighs about 7kgs!
  7. Kim: I had to move up to a Work for exactly that reason. I wasn't concerned about the leather tearing, I just got sick and tired of having to dump everything out to get anything ELSE out. Here, for your viewing pleasure, is Ms. AG stuffed with my daily crapola and then a Sandstone PT with same stuff.
  8. Kim, I'm cleaerly having a luddite moment...PM me if you want some photos of a City and a PT stuffed with the same stuff. Sorry...End of a long day...
  9. What a tragedy it would be for a purse to break b/c too much stuff has been put in it!

    I carry a lot of stuff and I haven't had a problem with mine breaking *knock*
  10. Don't sweat it, these bags are tough. When I get a new bag I stuff it full of my heaviest books then hang it from a hanger to relax the bag. I cannot stand that stiff bag look. You're fine GIrl! The weight will just make the leather even better in the long run.
  11. Thanks Shasta!! :sweatdrop:
  12. I stuff the heck out of my city, poor thing. The only thing that's hurt are it's feelings, because sometimes it looks awkwardly chubby with all my junk in it!

    Last pic is because I had left my accidentally makeup case out of the others. And yes, I keep a 17oz bottle of water, three separate pocket knives/tools, and an xbox 360 controller in my bag at all times. Don't ask! :nuts:
    DSC103937.jpg DSC103938.jpg DSC103939.jpg DSC103941.jpg
  13. outpt, that's some serious weight you're carrying around each day. LOL!!!

    KAOKim, don't worry about it. My City is on the heavy side too. With the Giant Hardware. I love Bal, but all my 'insides' are LV, so tends to be heavy too. I also always have something from my kids too. It wears in the bag wonderfully. I'm lovin' it 'used'.
  14. Nope, its definitely not. I stuff my City with a lot of things too and its still holding up strong!