Do you ever wish...

  1. you could turn back the hands of time and live a part of your life all over again?

    I miss my college years.:sad: If I could, I would be more active in campus activities. To everyone currently in school: remember that school days are the best. My father always told me this but I never listened...
  2. Yes i do...

    When I was 16 my Papa was diagnoised with cancer and a few months later passed away...and within another few months my Grammy remarried and moved to was very hard for me and I wish I could go back and spend more time with my Papa and I wish I would of convinced my Grammy to stay *sigh* That's all that I would do over again....

  3. I'm sorry:heart: .
  4. But hey...things happen for a reason right?:confused1:
  5. Really touching........I'm sure they're still with you now......
  6. No. I am a firm believer in, what's past is past, it's over and done with, so let's move on. Of course I have regrets, both for things I've done and things I haven't done, but there's nothing I can do about it now so why dwell on it?
  7. i would go back and change my high school years...i wouldn't have taken stuff so seriously. i would have actually enjoyed myself...and probably would be enjoying more of college right now, too.
  8. Its not about dwelling. We all have many possible lives. Each decision we make determines our future possible life. Its natural to explore past decisions and reflect their effects on our current life. These reflections have a correlation to our future decisions.
  9. Sometimes I wish I could relive events. Not to change them but just have the same experience again. Like my junior & senior year in high school. Not a care in the world & fun times every day.
    I too don't live in the past. Look forward to what life brings next. But somethings were so much fun the first time, why not relive it.
  10. Sigh... I hear you girlfriend!!!
  11. Only about everyday :sad:
  12. i know what you mean here!!! This makes me feel better now lol
  13. Oh Travis.:flowers: Well right now, turn the clock to zero and enjoy every decision you make from this point onward.
  14. :sad:
  15. I am not sure that I would go back and relive moments...I have just grown and matured so much that I think I can enjoy life a bit more now than I did back then.