Do you ever wish you can bring old shoes back from the dead?

  1. Aren't there some shoes you wish were always available, even years after you first purchased them, so that you can buy a new pair when the old ones have worn out? Know what I mean?

    I had a pair of the cutest Steve Madden athletic-inspired shoes that I just loved but they wore out. They were red with white stripes with a light-gray wedge heel. Today as I was getting dressed, I thought how I wish I still had these shoes. They were so adorable. I miss them so much. :crybaby:
  2. I understand what you meen. Until now I havn't felt like that with shoes but I did with a dress only recently and actually was able to find the same but in a diffrent color . I love it because it makes me look so thin:p
  3. YES! I have these adorable gray suede flats from staccato with jewels on the front - I used to get so many compliments on them before the sole totally wore out and the back can barely stick up anymore. I recently was able to buy them in black, but it's just not the same.
  4. I have a pair of Jimmy Choo sandals from about 3 years ago. They are the perfect sandals. They do with pants, jeans, dresses, anything! And they are so comfy!!
    They are pretty worn...I have had them polished, soles replaced 2 times, heels replaced 3 times so they are done. But I still love them.
    I have been looking for a replacement for the past year. I have bought a few others but these are still the best.
  5. God yes!

    I had also had a pair of athletic inspired shoes, but flats that I wore so much I wore through the leather at the bottom! I still miss them!
  6. This is so completely un-fabulous of me but...
    my beloved NB running sneakers from ~1999. The poor thing quite literally fell apart before I found a replacement and nothing has fit quite like those since. :crybaby:

    And also, my first season MadRock Mugens. They "upgraded" it the second year and it's good, but again, doesn't fit the same.